Considering the level of participation we have had for school posts on r2blore.chitra-aiyer.com from parents and guardians looking for schools for their children and wards, I thought it essential to build something exclusively for that community – the school searching, researching, reviewing, giving feedback community. And so a couple of friends and I have built […]

Obama is the next president, congrats America :)

While the results looked very obvious for a few weeks now, it still was very emotional on so many levels all over the world. I was glued to the TV to just take it all in. It was a moment and I am glad I got to “see” it. In spite of all the euphoria, […]

Bangalore’s Thindi Beedhi – Food Street

Thindi Beedhi or ‘Food Street’ in V. V. Puram offers some mouth-watering vegetarian food and provides a nice relaxed atmosphere essential to  enjoying street food. Read more on chitra-aiyer.com.

R2I – No FRO/FRRO registration maybe required for kids under 16 yrs of age

Since writing the first post of our FRO/FRRO experiences after returning to India, I haven’t written anything at all on the topic and neither have I answered any of the queries in the comments. The reason is that I hadn’t done anything at all about the whole FRO/FRRO business since that day in Jun of […]

Gaia Preschool and Childcare Center

The Gaia Preschool and Childcare Center is in RT Nagar in Bangalore. Gaia means Earth Mother in Greek. This preschool adapts and integrates the philosophy and principles of Reggio Emilia, Montessori, and Khel-Katha™ – an ancient Indian technique of learning through storytelling and games. Gaia Preschool: Image Courtesy: Gaia Website I have spoken to parents […]