R2I – No FRO/FRRO registration maybe required for kids under 16 yrs of age

Since writing the first post of our FRO/FRRO experiences after returning to India, I haven’t written anything at all on the topic and neither have I answered any of the queries in the comments. The reason is that I hadn’t done anything at all about the whole FRO/FRRO business since that day in Jun of ’07 when I had gone to the FRO’s office in Bangalore. The FRO’s office had clearly said how we needed to get our kids registered. And the registration process was requiring all of us to go to the FRO’s office on a working day. It just wasn’t likely to happen. So, I left it at that.

But, it so happened that when my husband was returning to India a couple of weeks ago, he noticed what the immigration form that was given in flight had to say. Apparently it says ‘No FRO/FRRO registration required for kids under 16 years of age’! I wish I had an image of the form so that I could have uploaded it here. Unfortunately I do not. If you are reading this, and have seen something to that effect on the immigration form, please do share it in the comments. Will be of use to a lot of people. What bothers me is that if the immigration form clearly states that, why was I asked to get our kids registered at the FRO’s office?

All your comments/inputs are very welcome, as always.

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  1. I don’t know about the immigration form thing, but we recently had to register at FRO. Not me, but hubby and kid are french citizens and kid is 2.5 yrs old. And the kid did have to go through it. Luckily we got it done through an agent( from hubby’s office). We handed over all the required documents to him, he fixed an appointment for a particular day. We all had to go once WITH the baby and on the next day, just hubby had to go to collect some acknowledgment and everything was done quite easily. Thank God! because we were quite worried about this whole FRO thing. But it all went smooth.

  2. Btw we got all this done in 1st week of July. Don’t know if anything changed after that. But it is always better to follow their instructions and not argue with them. Initially I had been there to collect the forms and they give you a list of whatever you require to submit. If that is followed strictly, then I guess things are a li’l smooth.

  3. check this link out

  4. chitra,
    check this link out http://www.indianembassy.fi/index.php?id=89

  5. chitra
    sorry for the multiple replies.
    heres another useful link http://www.immigrationindia.nic.in/registration_requirements.htm

  6. Aargee, thanks for sharing your experience. :) I wasnt going to argue with them. But the FRO registration should be more of a need from the immigration folks. And if they dont want a registration, then I guess it is not needed. I will need it only to take the kids out of and bring into India. :)

    Thanks Sid for the link. Very useful that. if the immigration doesn’t need it, then clearly kids under 16 need not be registered with the FRO’s office.

  7. What is FRO/FRRO ? We are moving to India early summer. We are citizens of US. We are also overseas citizens of India.

  8. Thought I would help out folks who are Indian citizens/gsc holders etc who have US born kids and are now considering staying in India for period exceeding 180 days

    I will quote from my personal experience in Pune

    – Go to PunePolice website
    Fill out the Form A – 4 Copies
    Get 4 copies of passport size photo.
    4 copies of their American passport
    4 copies of their Visa/PIO Card
    Copy of the Lease agreement
    Copy of your passport
    Take the originals of these documents and the original kids with you :-)

    Go tp Pune Police commissioners office – Near GPO/Paul School/Helen school in Pune

    Go through the security ; go to FRO office and submit the form preferably in the morning.

    They would check the documents. and staple the photographs on to the form A.

    They enter the information in a register and ask you to come in 3 days.
    Go in the afternoon 3 days later – carry copies of all your docs. They ask for Visa # or PIO Card. Give them this ; they query on their system and provide you 2 docs
    A copy of form A that you submitted
    and a Registration document from the same office

    As simple as that …. !!!

  9. I do not think registration is required for kids. I called the office, as usual no one picks up. i sent an email to secretory.. no reply but i finally got the answer in below link (karnataka govt)


  10. Note that although registration is not required for children under 16, they still need to get a residential permit. The difference between “registration” and “residential permit” is a source of confusion. Children are exempt from the former but not the latter. You still need to go through the paperwork.

  11. My husband’s office relocation specialists said that it is mandatory to do the registration for our daughter in the local commissioner’s office. They helped us in doing that. They told us all the required documents, took an appointment and everything went very smoothly here in Hyderabad.

  12. If you are bringing your kid who is not an Indian citizen and you are, the only document you may have is perhaps the passport. My son was born in the good old US of A. His ‘Visa’ to ‘visit’ India was issued in the USA. The Visa clearly says whether registration is required or not in India. It is incorrect to assume that we are simply talking about ‘registration’ here. You are actually extending your kid’s Visa for continuing to stay on in India. That proof of the extension needs to be on your passport. Which is why registration is necessary. I am sure persons who have not registered and stayed beyond 180 days may have faced issues at the airport while returning. Alternately, you will face issues when you/your kid is leaving. If you/your kid have no planning of travelling out of India, ever, India is a free country – you can remain anonymous forever.

  13. Check the link out, this clearly says, kids under 16 do not require registration. And this the official indian immigration site. but if you go to MHA/FRRO office they say that you have to, On top of that if you don’t happen to live in the Big cities, then you have to go to your local police office….which is another mess.

    I am applying for OCI for my 4 and 2 yr old. MHA delhi says I need to first register the kids. Is that right? they have not been in india for more then 180 days yet, but we intend to stay more now.

  14. http://www.immigrationindia.nic.in/
    Check the link out, this clearly says, kids under 16 do not require registration. And this the official indian immigration site. but if you go to MHA/FRRO office they say that you have to, On top of that if you don’t happen to live in the Big cities, then you have to go to your local police office….which is another mess.

    I am applying for OCI for my 4 and 2 yr old. MHA delhi says I need to first register the kids. Is that right? they have not been in india for more then 180 days yet, but we intend to stay more now.

  15. I just called up FRO/FRRO/Commissioner’s office at Bangalore for my 3 year old. According to them PIO card holder kids (below 16 yrs) do need to register if staying beyond 180 days. I am planning to visit the office this Saturday. Will update..

    BTW, Chitra really informative posts on this topic (FRO/FRRO) and overall lots of useful info in your blog for subsequent R2Irs like us. Thanks a lot!!!

  16. Contrary to what the Govt of India website says http://www.immigrationindia.nic.in/registration_requirements.htm that children under 16 years of age are exempt, the Bangalore FRRO has a printed menu of documents required for registering children under 16. See the attached pic at http://bit.ly/5JY2g0

    This matter is full of confusion — However, I would recommend that you register as there are no fees except a Rs. 20/- notarized stamp paper (expense of around Rs. 175) and related documents and few hours of effort. Plus, if you ever apply for extending your visa, they will ask you for registration.

    Hope this helps the expats and r2is.

  17. Guys, if your child is going to stay beyond 180 days in India then they should be registered. If you don’t, then they consider the kid to have overstayed and will not permit them to leave the country until all the formalities are completed.

    My story – My daughter is US citizen, We returned to india and based on information from various sources did not get her registered at FRO. Now, she is in India well beyond 180 days. If we have to return back to US we will need a exit permit for her. Without which they won’t allow her to fly out of the country. The pune office does not have authority to do so. So, they escalated it to Mumbai office. Same story there as well. We now have to go to Delhi (Home ministry) to apply for a exit permit. It is such a nightmare.

    So, get your child registered even if there is a slight chance that they might stay over 180 days.

  18. What happens if the child doesn’t have any plans to go out of india ? Then FRRO doesn’t matter, right?

    I am here for last 4 years and still not FRO registered my son. Always thought it is not applicable for kids ? Anyway after his passport renewal, I will visit the Commissioners/FRO office in Bangalore and get it done. After that will apply for OCI.

    Anyway thanks for the excellent post and reader comments.

  19. My son is a citizen of US and holds US passport. We had Indian visa valid for 5 years for him when we left US for good. After 5 years, we renewed his US passport. But, hadn’t applied for visa extension.
    Again, his passport will expire in June 2010.
    Both parents are citizens of India. Now he is 10 years old.
    My queries are:
    1. should we get permission to stay/register in Bangalore first?(I think its too late now)
    2. Should we apply for extension of visa in Bangalore?
    3. Can we renew his passport at Chennai first and later get the visa done?
    4. would Renewal of passport be a problem without having valid visa status in India?
    5. when can we apply for PIO card for him? (after the new passport.?)
    Thanks in advance!

  20. Hi Chitra,

    I have gone through the registration process for my daughter, she is 4. She has visa not PIO tho. but we had to register her. As went there after long delay of 3 yrs i had to write a letter explaing the delay. but they did register her and the RC is valid till passport is valid. so when she get new passport I’ll have to redo the process. But the whole process is quite straight forward. you have to go there bit ealry to collect coupan,
    1. fill Form A,
    2. give photo copies of kid’s , mom’s and father’s passport 2 each.
    3. copy of adress proof. copy of Pan of bank statement of one parent
    4. kid’s photos – 2
    it’s well managed and fast process. Next day you get RC.
    Now that we have RC we can apply for PIO.

  21. I want to apply OCI card for my 8 yrs old PIO card holder daughter. I don’t know the address for new FRRO banaglore office. The old FRO bangalore office said they won’t process OCI card. When I sent email to chennai FRRO, i got the below reply. If anyone know FRRO banaglore conatcts please post it.

    “from: chiochn@nic.in

    Dear Sir,

    You can apply to FRRO Bangalore.

    OCI Desk,

    BOI, Chennai”

  22. OCI Bangalore address:
    #55 Double Road Indiranagar
    Ph# 80-25201416

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  24. Im a U.S. Citizen and my children were born in India. we are able to aquire. U.S. passports for them from chennai without visiting the U.S. however, the local FRO granted a 5 year permit to stay in India. I would like to whether they can aquire OCI status form India without visiting the U.S.?

  25. Really, great stuff to read, thanks

  26. Hi All,

    Residential permit for foreigners even children below age of 16 is required atleast in FRRO Bangalore.

    The new address is FRRO, NO 55, double road,
    near ESI hospital, IndraNagar.
    you can even reach them at


    you need
    – application form
    2 passport photos
    copy of PP with page of visa and photo only
    address proof
    bonafide certificate
    copy of parents indian passport
    fee if any
    Hope it helps.


  27. Every Foreign national irrespective of the type of VISA they have to register t get Residential permit if they stay over 180 days. Except OCI’s. All others like Pio, student visa, X mulitiple entry visa etc have to register compulsary .But Xentry visa have to register within 14 days of arrival to India, else you will get fined . Becareful immigration rules are very tight in India. Thank God we registered!!

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  29. I just called FRO at bangalore on number 080-25202052 and was told clearly (multiple times) that foreigner registration and resident permit are the same thing . Resident permit is given after registration and importantly ..any kid less than 16 yrs of age doesnt need foreigner registration.

  30. Hi Chitra,

    I had called the FRO office in Bangalore on Apr 26th, 2012 and was told the following –

    1. Registration is not required for anyone with PIO card and below 15 years of age. I confirmed that there will not be any issues if the minor (with PIO) were to travel abroad on a US passport.

    2. The FRO office in Bangalore has now shifted to the following address –
    No.55, Indira Nagar Double Rd, Near ESI Hospital, Bengaluru, Karnataka
    Ph: 080 25202053, 25297683

    Here’s the Google maps link to the same:

    3. I also checked with them on the process for a minor who has already been registered with the FRRO under the old rules. I was told that a re-registration (per old process) is still required.

    Hope this helps.

  31. Hi any one help me pls, I am married my wife is an american my wife applied for x entry visa(extention) in MHA delhi on 4/4/2012 and MHA ordered to our local FRO(SP) to make a report about us. Police completed tht investigation now we are in confusse tht from where we will get extenstion or visa? and where we can submit tht police report my wife’s visa is expiring on 25/5/2012. Any one can help us for taking right steps.

  32. Hi, I read the above comments from Sandeep, is it they really don’t require registration for minor is it confirmed ? Bcoz am in a very bad situation right now, my son’s US passport and PIO card was stolen and i hv got new replacement passport , as per MHA guidelines i have not registration ,now i need exit permit for my son .So is it still required to register and can i get exit permit easily ? Here at my local place in karnataka when i had been to SP office the FRO incharge is asking me to first register and he is asking to issue duplicate PIO card when i told it has been done from place of issue from US,he is asking me to get it done and very confused and he says he will not give exit permit,when i tell him rules he not ready to accept.Don’t know how to proceed.Do anyone is/have been in such situation or have any suggestion pl help me out. Also is there will be any new process incase of getting exit permit for the lost PIO card ?

  33. can anyone tell me what will be the fee to get exit permit for the minor in karnataka

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  36. I have to change my address in my PIO card. Was told at FRRO Delhi that I can download the “exit form” from their website http://www.immigrationindia.nic.in.
    Please help as I cannot find this form !!!!
    Many thanks

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