CBSE or ICSE – What to choose?

If you are seeking admissions for your child in Indian schools, you are likely to ponder over the syllabuses to choose from. The present system of education in India offers students various options for their Class X examination. There are state, national and international boards like the Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC), Indian Certificate for Secondary Education (ICSE), Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE), National Open School (NOS), International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and International Baccalaureate (IB). In this post, I will list what people have to say about the CBSE and the ICSE syllabuses. Since the time Sivabalan, an r2blore reader, listed a few points about the CBSE and ICSE syllabuses, I was on the look out for different views on the subject on the internet and from people who knew enough to compare. (There will be a separate post about ICGSE later.)
Here are some of the points that I have collected. I am including Sivabalan’s initial list here too.

Please do list out your thoughts on the subject too in the comments.


  1. CBSE syllabus stresses less on academic/theoretical stuff and more on Math and Science. And everybody seems to mostly concur with this point.
  2. The CBSE system of teaching hones the children towards thinking/problem solving methodology.
  3. Most of the Indian competitive exams are based on the CBSE syllabus.
  4. Typically, parents in transferable jobs prefer CBSE because of its national curriculum. And you have many Kendriya Vidyalayas and other private CBSE schools all over India.

One of my friends who chose CBSE for her daughter has this to say, “I went to a CBSE board school, and so I knew it was a nice syllabus. Also, our neighbor’s daughters were doing ICSE and were always studying cos of the heavy syllabus; very detailed and loads to learn.”


  1. The syllabus is compatible amongst the common wealth countries. So with the ICSE, it is easier to relocate to some of the other countries in the middle of a school year.
  2. People also seem to recommend ICSE syllabus if the child may go abroad for under-grad education.
  3. The ICSE syllabus is heavy on languages.
  4. Syllabus may not be the best background for the Indian competitive/entrance exams.
  5. ICSE offers more atypical courses like home science, agriculture, fashion design, cookery etc. The exposure to atypical courses may help a child see beyond the obvious career choices.

One of my neighbors who consciously chose the ICSE syllabus for her 2 daughters says, “We chose ICSE because of its tougher standards. And if and when the girls move to CBSE or state syllabus in the 9th/10th, they will find those easy then!

Comparisons between ICSE and CBSE

  1. ICSE provides a good overall development; the focus on literature is good. The CBSE concentrates more on Math and Science, which gives that slight edge for the engineering competitive exams.
  2. “In ICSE projects on various subjects are an integral part. Also, there’s a clear emphasis on English literature whereas in CBSE, English is functional, communication-based “ says the Principal, Sri Kumaran’s Children’s Home. Kumaran’s offers ICSE and CBSE syllabuses to its students.

  3. It is said that the ICSE syllabus is more extensive, and that the CBSE is more intensive. To elaborate, in the CBSE system of teaching, there are more objective kind of questions, which prepares students for national level competitive exams. ICSE is more liberal and gives a good choice of subjects. One can opt out of math and science in ICSE, not so in CBSE. The ICSE course develops thinking and analytical skills in a student because it is extensive.
  4. The CBSE folks may find it tough to switch to ICSE at higher levels, but apparently ICSE guys can easily switch to CBSE.

CBSE: The Central Board of Secondary Education is an eminent board of school education in India.The CBSE prepares the syllabus for students from Lower Kindergarten (L.K.G) to Class 12, for schools affiliated with it. It conducts India’s 2 wide board examinations: the All India Secondary School Examination for Class 10 and the All India Senior School Certificate Examination for Class 12, which is a school-leaving examination. It also prescribes the syllabuses for these examinations, whose scores are necessary to gain admission in higher study institutes. Many private schools through the country affiliate themselves with the CBSE. The medium for education prescribed by CBSE is either English or Hindi. There are many Indian school in different countries that are also affiliated to CBSE.

CBSE All India Senior School Certificate Examination for Class 12 is widely recognized internationally for direct admission to university undergraduate courses.

CBSE also conducts the All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) which is a common entrance examination on all-India basis for admission to engineering and architecture/planning programs in the country. Similarly Pre-medical and Pre-dental Tests AIPMT (PMT/PDT) are conducted for medical and dental colleges after the 10+2 exams.

CBSE is considered as a premier board in India as it incorporates modern learning techniques in its syllabi besides close to 5119 schools are affiliated to the board which are located all over India and abroad.

Official CBSE website

ICSE: The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) examination is an examination conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations for class 10, i.e., grade 10. It has been designed to provide an examination in a course of general education, in accordance with the recommendations of the New Education Policy 1986 (India), through the medium of English. The examination allows secure suitable representation of Governments responsible for schools (which are affiliated to it) in their States/Territories. Private candidates are not permitted to appear for this examination.

In all subjects other than Science and Computers, students must submit compulsory coursework assignments. In groups I and II they count for 20% of the student’s performance in the subject; in group III the assignments count for 50%. In Science and Computers, students are tested on their lab work.

In subjects where there is more than one paper, the mark in the subject is calculated by taking the average of all papers in the subject.

Official ICSE website

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  2. Man Chitra, you are doing a tremendous job here… ever think of an Education Portal (info +++)?

    My son goes to a CBSE school and I have a nephew who studies ICSE .. both in the same class…. ICSE is definitely more extensive in terms of portions… plus languages seem to be tougher…

    At the end of the day, if one had to choose one over the other its very tough… I mean can you decide in Kindergarten that your kid needs to go to an IIT or do something else?

    These days, decisions for schools need to be made not on syllabus (both CBSE and ICSE have their good points) but on convinience in terms of commute… I have a neighbour whose 8 year old commutes 1.5 hours EACH WAY.. just because the parents were fixated on a school and the syllabus..

    My 2 cents

  3. Thanks Vijay!
    I know what you mean. A lot of people seem to want to make an educated choice. And my efforts are just to help them get some info. And preferably first hand from parents like yourself.
    I would think your last 2 sentences will help somebody out there make certain decisions. :)
    Thanks again!

  4. hey,this really had me thinking :)when my kid joined school, i did’nt even consider this as an issue.i was looking more along the lines of the school being good.the previous school my kid went to , was cbse,but the teachers were really not upto the mark.kid too was not happy.when we changed the school ,it just happened to be is good ,kid is happy .i guess i should just leave it at that :) i had a query of my friend said that the child could always change to cbse (those interested in iits)and to sslc (for those interested in cet)for the 11th and 12th and that most kids do that.does this work ???

  5. Hi Chitra,
    Thanks for that informative post!. I am planning to R2I in Feb 2009. My son will be ready to join 1st standard next year. I hear that getting admission in to good schools(Kumaran’s, NPS, Venkat International) is very hard!!. Can you give me some pointers in that regard? Also I don’t want to send my son to the really expensive international schools(Aditi, NAFL, etc). But I understand transition from US schools with low teacher-student ratio to regular schools in India where there are atleast 40 students per class can be challenging. So I am looking for good CBSE schools where the student to teacher ratio is low (which is within the city limits preferably.). Do you know of any?
    I am a frequent visitor to your blog and find lots of useful information here!. Keep up the good work !
    – Lakshmi.

  6. Hi Chitra,

    Wonderful post. Well researched and very well balanced. Although not in India right now, I will have to make a comparison across the systems eventually, am bookmarking the post for future use.
    Do you have any insights into the IB system?

    You are doing a great job with this blog..I keep coming back for more..

  7. Dear Chitra

    Thanks for this very extensive review.

    I am probably confusing both syllabi but I feel that there is 1 or 2 issues at stake about languages also.

    Some friends excluded one of the 2 syllabi as it included compulsorily hindi (CBSE probably ?). Since they are from South, they do not speak hindi and do not feel at ease with having their child studying it. This is to consider for non hindi speaking families.

    Plus 1 of the 2 can include in an easier way (ICSE ?) non-Indian languages, which is also of importance in case of international relocation (Spanish or French rather than a second Indian language).

    But these remarks may not be relevant anylonger with the mushrooming of private schools offering a large choice of languages.

    All the best

  8. @Lakshmi: Depends on where you reside… also transition at the 1st Grade level is not difficult… until Grade 5 teachers really ensure that the kids confidence gets build up (read not very strict in terms of marks etc)… its only after that it gets more competative… There are other good schools (local) in addition to the ones you mentioned… Aurobindo Memorial in Bsk 2nd Stage, Carmel School in Padmanabhanagar….However you are right, on an average, the Student Teacher Ratio is between 35-40 to 1.

  9. cbse – competetively boring study exercise
    icse – intense curriculum strenuous & exhaustive
    sslc – study simple lovable curriculum

    before starting school hunting, i asked my 2-yr-old son to pronounce CBSE, ICSE or SSLC. he uttered ‘S-S-L-C’ without any effort. that was how we chose which curriculum he would study!

    jokes apart, very useful article, chitra. appreciate your efforts in getting the inputs.

  10. Hi Chitra,
    First my compliments on the writeup. I myself did a CBSE course, and largely for the same reason that it will help in higher studies, I put my son too in the same stream. But I didn’t know that ICSE is easier on maths and science. I found 11th and 12th tougher than 9th and 10th. My son has appeared for his 10th, and now, maybe for the right reasons, he wants to avoid CBSE, and instead take the local pre-university course. Your writeup will be an invaluable guide to parents.

  11. Wow Chitra, as someone said you should start a portal!

    Am from an ICSE bakground and biased towards it. In fact for 11th and 12th did ISC-which is the natural continuation from ICSE rather than the state board., but offered by very few schools. It’s true that now (not in my day) one can choose to opt out of math and science. But one can always choose not to opt out-and certainly at the ISC level the math and science was pretty intensive and all my classmates who did it were able to hold their own against students from CBSE backgrounds. Languages are certainly strong at ICSE level, I did English, Hindi and French (literature and language) though I believe the standards have gone down.

  12. Chitra
    really your posts on schools in bangalore. and now on CBSE Vs ICSE are really very useful for parents who are planning to admit their child and are in dilema if they read these posts they can decide easily on what is needed based on their focus.
    wonderful work and inputs from people who are exposed in these curriculam is very good.
    agree people choose the schools of their choice and ignore the amount of stress they put on their own children. you choose the sylabus and choose the school which is good though not best in the vicinity which is 3 to 4 kms then it will be good for both
    nimma mamuli hassya illiyu bandide and nivu maganannu SSLC hakiddu cheenagi bimbisiddiri
    all the best
    looking forward for other curriculams which are not familiar to me.
    continue good work madam hats off to your efforts

  13. Hi there:
    Your post is really informative.
    I will be r2i in Jul 2008 from Canada and curious on following for my currently in grade 8th (going to grade 9th) son.

    1) Currently he has taken French as second language and likes to continue the same going forward. So, which education system (ICSE/CBSE/IB) offers alternate choices for second language?



  14. Shilpa, yeah, I kind of went with your kind of logic too. A school that we liked, it just so happened that the syllabus taught there was CBSE. As far as your question is concerned, if you mean moving from ICSE, yes that is what people agree upon. People do opt for ICSE in the beginning and then change to state or CBSE depending on the entrance exams they are aiming for. :)

    Lakshmi, there are quite a few CBSE schools where the no.of students per class is under 30. And when the childrn are young, there are 2 teachers for the 30 students, so the ratio is 1 adult:!5 students, which works very well. One of them I know of is NPS, Koramangala. NPS, Indiranagar and Rajajinagar have a slightly more number of students per class. NPS is also starting a branch in HSR layout and I am sure their student to teacher ratio is going to be pretty good one. If I am not wrong, DPS maintains low no.of students per class too. The NPSes and the DPSes are on the expensive side, but def not as expensive as the international schools. Hope this helps.

    Chandan, over a period of time, I will be covering about other syllabuses as well – IGCSE and IB. Thanks for appreciating. :)

    Thanks for the participation, Anjali. :) I don’t know if the Hindi thing is compulsory in CBSE schools. Will have to check on that.

    Thanks Vijay. :)

    RK,LOL Thanks for dropping by. :)

    Thanks for your valuable words, Pradeep. :)

    Thanks Mumbaigirl. :) Also, I have noted down your points. I will ask around and check what the state is like today. Thanks again. :)

    Thank you Mr. Praneshachar. :) Very kind of you.

    Sushil, if I am not wrong all 3 of them (ICSE/CBSE/IB) offer French as a second language. It just depends on the school. I know NPS (CBSE) offers French, and I think Frank Anthony’s (ICSE) offers French. In IB, I am sure all schools offer multiple foreign languages as second languages. So, it should not be much of a hurdle. All the best. :)

  15. Hi Chitra,
    I am looking for a good school for my kids going in grade 8 and 4 in June 2008.We are relocating from Canada in June 2008.Your valuable comments and responce will be appriciated.We are moving specially for better education for kids,but with so many schools around and so many syllbus hard to choose right one,in such case your suggestion will be helpful to us.


  16. “ICSE syllabus is heavier on languages and apparently not as much on Math and Science.” – Not true. I did ICSE till 10th and CBSE in 11/12th. Most of the Math stuff I learnt in 11th was already covered by ICSE in 10th. And the strong PCM fundamentals I got in 8th-10th helped me prepare for and clear the JEE. I strongly reccomend ICSE.

  17. Hi Chitra ! Thanks for all the info on CBSE & ICSE. I reside in Dubai. Like all , i too was in dilemma which curiculum to go for my daughter in near future .she is just 2yrs 7 months now. In dubai , there’s only one school which has ICse curiculum, ie Dubai Modern School. this just for info.
    I have a query though, u said “Most of the Indian competitive exams are based on the CBSE syllabus.” CBSE also conducts the All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) which is a common entrance examination on all-India basis for admission to engineering and architecture/planning programs in the country. Similarly Pre-medical and Pre-dental Tests AIPMT (PMT/PDT) are conducted for medical and dental colleges after the 10+2 exams

    please confirm to me that if any student wants to go for Engineering, architecture or medical they need to switch to cbse syllabus even though thy are doing icse board?
    what type of competative exams (like engineering, architecture, dental) icse passed student can give ?

    Also , which entrance exams can a ICSE student give ? will it be easy for icse student to go for studies abroad ?

  18. Hi Sulakshana

    None of the entrance exam restrict students based on the board. So you can study any board ( CBSE,ICSE,State board) and will be eligible to write all of the entrance exams conducted by any institution / for any course in India.

    The point was, some of the entrance exams conducted by certain boards are based on CBSE syllabus. This gives a edge for CBSE students over other board in cracking the exams. (Pls note again : Students of ICSE/State board are allowed to take these exams..If an ICSE student is prepared for the exam he still can pass through it with ease)

  19. Hi Chitra,

    Thank you so much for your excellent job! Every bit of your website if useful, I can’t thank you enough for doing such a favor for would-be movers.
    My kids will be joining Indus International school for their 3rd and 5th grades soon & we’d be moving to B’lore in July. I’d like to know if there are different blog sites available for Indus International / Greenwood / Inventure academy etc. I’m very interested in hearing parents’ input about those schools. Please suggest me, if you are aware of any.

    Thanks a lot!

  20. Could you please find out for me if possible – when the NPS-HSR school is going to open-
    We are not clear on the date of the reopen- We are travelling far just to join my kid there.
    I thank you so much in advance …
    Also will the NPS-HSR going to be ICSE or CBSE based..

  21. Hi Deepa, what is a good school will depend largely on what your parameters are. Since your kids are older and have been going to school in Canada, international schools that have IGCSE syllabus will work well. Most of the schools that teach the IGCSE syllabus are really good and parents are happy with them. So, international schools are something that you can look into.

    Thanks ‘name’ for your valuable feedback. :)

    Sulakshana, the entrace exams are the same, just that the exams are based on the CBSE syllabus. I am sure kids who do ICSE can do well in these entrance exams. Hope this clarifies.

    Thanks Sivabalan. :)

    Amrutha, I have heard good things about all 3 schools. All of them are new and are the ‘new-age’ schools that encourage an all round development of the kids. That said, if I were you, I would probably pick ‘Indus’ over the other 2. This is just from talking to different people. But I must stress that all 3 have a satisfied customer base in the parents. :)

    Sriram, the NPS-HSR is open for the 08-09 academic year. I know this because they did the admission process for the school in the end of ’07. And it is a CBSE school, like the other NPSes. All the best!

  22. Hi,
    Could anyone make a comparision between National Hill view public school (CBSE) and New Baldwins school(ICSE). can anyone say about fee structure of NHVPS how much they keep increasing every year.

  23. Be it ICSE or CBSE, a solid preparation is important, more tests, teaching, practicing. ! site that does all this has come to my perview. Its called Extramarks. Chk it on

  24. Hi Chitra,

    Great bits of info on your site. We’re planning to return to India from the UK next year. Kids will be going into Grade 5 and Grade 2. Would appreciate your opinion on a few poinst:

    1. For kids that have grown up abroad (and of the age of my kids – 9 and 7), how feasible/sensible would it be to put them in the ‘normal’ Indian schools immediately, say NPS/DPS/Bethany/Baldwins etc? Would kids be able to cope with the mode of teaching, school atmosphere in these schools or should one consider a softer landing ground with new age/international schools?

    2. Of the top grade international schools, what’s the main difference between indus and TISB (Is it the stress on academics) and which is better (have read views both for and against the two schools .. indus -management issues, too much focus on extra-curricular but friendlier towards parents; TISB – great acads, intl version of NPS, but v. arrogant towards parents and v. v. strict, read some stories about expelling kids at the smallest pretext, doesn’t allow mixing/friendships betwn girls and boys in senior school)

    3. Which is better, greenwood or inventure? (again have heard about greenwood- good facilities but standard mode of teaching, mgmt issues; inventure – good facilities, not stressed atmosphere, but lack of discipline, not very acads oriented)

    4. Any feedback on the following schools? Deens academy, Innisfree, BRIGADE, Prayag, Neev (Indranagar), TREAMIS, Ebenezer International.

    A suggestion: Just like you’ve written a useful and comprehensive piece on CBSE vs. ICSE, a similar description of IGCSE and IB too would be very useful. Plus, explaining as to when do these syllabusses actually kick in – std 6 or 8 or 9?

    cheers and thanks

  25. Hi Chitra,

    Awesome …. excellent work :) I myself am still in the dilemma of CBSE vs ICSE … but my 2 pence worth thought is as follows :
    The child should have a good balance of curricular and extra curricular activities. With the kind of load (most parents of ICSE say this) that ICSE children face, I wonder if they would have time for extra-curricular. I myself studied in CBSE and I do agree that the syllabi is pretty much balanced.

    Any other views ?

    Sandeep (A Dad searching for CBSE school near whitefield area)

    P.S : Pls let me know of any CBSE school around whitefield.

  26. hi chitra, can i know which is the tough course either ISC or CBSE? and also which has more value outside the country?

  27. Hi chitra, my son isstudying in 6std in tamilnadu matriculation board.i want to shift to bangalore next year.which board{cbse/icse} is better.i also heard that achild should complete 7years before 12thin karnataka to sit for it true.

  28. […] I didn’t know too much about CBSE.  Then I came across this very well written article by Chitra Aiyer. If you are seeking admissions for your child in Indian schools, you are likely to ponder over the […]

  29. Hi,

    Thanks for all the info on CBSE and ICSE , the post is very informative..

    Regarding a good school in south blr i would suggest presidency south for CBSE syllabus.

  30. My son is in IGCSE. Please someone advise if he can switch to cbse or icse in 11th – he has studied in Canada till 8th, cannot do any mugging. Thanks!

  31. My daughters are studying ICSE syllabous in India, I am planning to bring them to Dubai,2009 academic year. I request you to suggest me the best school in Dubai in both the syllabous.

    Cheers. Manoj

  32. Good post…do check out this article:

    Which school board for your child?
    Many of Bangalore’s schools now offer national and international boards of education in addition to the state board, with innovation around the curricula. How do parents and students choose?

  33. Hi I am an indian .I live in Zambia and my daughter DOB12/12/1992 will be writing her IGCSE exam in May this year.She is studying in an International School here.Since we do not have very good schoolling for Alevel where i live ,I want to send her to a Boarding school in Bangalore or chennai.Can you please suggest names of schools.Co ed is no problem.Do you know of schools which has facilities of colleges & universities in their structure so that after finshing school students can enroll within the same insttution for Medical/Computer/Engineering? I will be grateful to receive any assistance on this.Many thanks

  34. Hi

    I have couple of concerns, can some one throw some light …

    My son is Nov born. When I enquired in couple of schools for admission into LKG, they told its 3 yrs 9 or 10 months as on 1st June. And he was not..

    I did not wanted to do a tampering of Birth certificate to put him into LKG. so, he joined LKG @ 4.5yrs

    Now, he is in LKG and I feel “Did I make a mistake ?” as many of his classmates and friends & relatives of his age are one standard higher than him. So, I am looking at the option of admitting him to I std straight from LKG as he fits the age critieria of that school to join I std. Is that possible ? considering he is able to cope up with the change, if there is any ?

    And another dilemma is about the choice between ICSE or CBSE. Do Choice of CBSE or ICSE really affect his chance at competitive exams. If so, are there any statistics of % of ICSE students got through @ competitive exam vs the same % of CBSE students. As I see this figure, as a sum total of Intensive curriculum, tough, language and so many parameters.

    Can some one elucidate on this, if they have gone through this phase ?

  35. Hi Chitra,
    you seem to be a good guide to many like me.
    mine is a R2B family. we are seriously considering schooling for our kid in 4th Standard in June 2009.
    We have two options for schooling – both CBSE – Sri Kumaran’s,Kanakapura Road and Presidency School South, Bannerghatta Road.

    my burning question is i would like to compare these two schools in the perspective of my kid having done K-3 in the USA. my serious concern is which of these schools will be more friendly for academic performance??

    i hope you would be able to give me an answer ASAP.


  36. Lux – I would go with Sri Kumaran’s – given that it is more established (in that part of town too). Sri Kumaran’s is also known to product good students.

    While Presidency as a brand is quite good, the south branch is fairly new and hence I am not too sure about the teacheres and their track record.

    As I said earlier, if I were you – I will pick Kumaran’s.


  37. We moved to Bangalore in 2002 and my kids were in NAFL (ICSE) and Innisfree for one year each. With the commute and haphard traffic on Bangalore roads plus uncertainity that one faces due to flash strikes, political rally’s etc, we decided to move to Brigade Millenium and enrolled the kids the Brigade school (CBSE). The main advantage I saw with the school was that my kids could walk to school and hence had all the energy to be involved in other activities after the school. The schools offeres a good curriculum and extra-curricular mix. The school has good facilities – football, basketball, athletics and swimming coaching is included along with language,culture, music and dance clubs. They are now is 7th and 3rd grade, and I find it difficult to have them miss even one day of school.

    One thing I realized talking to parents from different schools in Bangalore is that no school is perfect; teacher turnover being one of the problems.

    As parents we have to put our own efforts and can not completely rely on the schools. Both my kids are doing extremely good in academics (at 97+ percentiles in national level ASSET and NSTSE exams). My 7th grader is selected for John Hopkin’s center for talented youth program and preparing for her early SAT. At the same time, they have won prizes in inter-school atlethics, dance and multiple intelliegence comptetions. They also are very comfortable to challenge/debate/mingle with their cousins who are in ICSE/IB curriculums.

    Having said that, my daughter has started thnking about doing her undergraduate studies in the US (we are all OCI card holders) and hence she may decide to move to TISB or Indus as a boarder from her 9th grade.

    I guess at young age, a good school in the neighborhood is more important than the best school far off. As they grow older, one can always move them around. With the smartness the current day kids have, they seem to cope up.

    And in the early years, we can not shy away from our involvement in their education

    my 2 cents.


  38. Hey Guys,

    Hi have a question. I wish some one can clarify my doubts. My duaghter is studying in class VIII in CBSE schools. I understand from my daughter that there is mass migration fromher class of the students and they are all opting for sslc(state borad course) since they are easy and they can score more marks in X board exmas. This will faciliate their admission to engineering and medical in future. Is this is really advisale. Please let me know your opiion.


  39. Hai chitra……….I really surprised on seeing this have collected more informations about the schools.
    I also agree that ICSE syllabus is very tough for kids who are average in studies .I gave preference to my first daughter (who is in 6th)to shift from ICSE to CBSE .But she refused. NOwadays kids are very clear.She said this is right syllabus for this competetive world and wants to finish her schooling in ICSE syllabus.Infact my husband also very clear about it. I only afraid about the syllabus.
    In their school they are conducting lot of other competetive exams like ASSET,NSTSE .The kids are doing those exams well and you know in ASSET exam they are analysing each and every answer and they are give mark in persentile method like MBA exams. After my daughter started writing like this type of exams I came to know about persentile.
    I feel this page is very good to share our kids school syllabus ,extra examinations and their experiance about the subjects.
    All the best chitra.

    with regads,

  40. In my college days i had been an ICSE as well as CBSE tutor. I strongly recommend ICSE at secondary(6th,7th,8th) and high school level(10th) as ICSE has more extensive syllabus as compared to CBSE. I wonder and strongly disagree those who say ICSE pays less concern on Maths & Science. Right from 6th standard to 10th ICSE has three separate books and papers for Physics,Chemistry and Biology whereas CBSE has only one. Moreover Maths of ICSE is tougher and more elaborative than CBSE which takes Maths practical,ridiculous!
    Moreover CBSE is lowering its standard day by day,say recently it has announced to follow grading system and a new system in which no one will be “fail” ,ridiculous!!
    For more confirmation just look nearby yourself over standard of ICSE text books and also standards of schools affilliated to ICSE and compare both the things with CBSE
    However , at 10+2 level, CBSE beats ICSE at many places,say ICSE papers offer choices but not CBSE

  41. Thank you all for the feedback. The post itself was just a collection of opinions and inputs from various sources. Since many of you who have left comments here tell me that Science and Math are given as equal importance as languages under ICSE, I am editing the post accordingly. Thanks for all the participation and feedback.

  42. Hi,
    Can someone please tell me if it is possible to shift a child from ICSE to CBSE in grade 10? Due to unforeseen cirucumstances I have to move my daughter who is in grade 9 now in an ICSE school to another country where there are no ICSE schools. oNly CBSE schools are there so I am left with no option. Will she be given admission to grade 10 CBSE or will she have to do ninth again? Will it be easy for her to change? Please do reply soon. Thanks

  43. Ma’am while transiting from one board to another, a student must be admitted in 9the standard or 11th standard. If your daughter was to be transferred to the same board,she would be allowed to enter directly in 10th std,but here since she has to shift from ICSE to CBSE she will be required to do 9th std again

  44. hai,

    I wanted to know many things about CBSE &ICSC.
    my daughter is studing in ukg now we want to join her to ICSC but some ones told that in ICSC 10th exam is tough compared to CBSE/state board.
    1) I want to know which one is helpful to score in10th&12th becouse both r turning point.

    2)Now join for ICSC then can we change to CBSE
    or state board ?

    3)in 10th & 12th is the CBSE/ICSC syllabus contineous or all are comes to same level.

    4)we r in ramurthynagar bangalore ,around this which ICSC/CBSE schools are batter that u sugget me.

    The school which realy give the best teaching that could realy help the student in future ,not only that our school is so in-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    please i am waiting for u answer please…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  45. Hi Vani,
    yes it is true that in 10th ICSE exam is tough as compared to CBSE or State board
    1)Vani, marking scheme of both ICSE and CBSE is very liberal,every year toppers from both the boards score marks around 97% So in that there is hardly any difference.

    2)You can any time switch to any board, though it is not advisable because you have your own time to decide rather than putting your child in trouble by changing syllabus and board. But remember 9th-10th or 11th 12th must be done from the same board, for example one cannot get admitted in another board in 10th or 12th if one has passed 9th or 10th from another board.

    3)See since i told you i have been teaching ICSE/CBSE students in my academic days,i have well idea of it. Syllabus of ICSE is tough in 9th and 10th as compared to CBSE. Syllabus of all the subjects is very heavy from 6th to 10th in ICSE but scoring is not that much tough beacuse paper offers choices unlike CBSE
    But in 11th and 12th story is different altogether. CBSE syllabus overcomes ICSE and papers also are a bit tough. Moreover CBSE pattern at 10+2 level has competitive approach that,just apart from deep understanding like ISC,also prepares students for engineering/medical competitions.
    4)For this,sorry i have no idea of good ICSE schools in Bangalore since i am not a resident of there.

  46. Dear madam,
    My son and daughter aged 9 and 5 years,are in 4th and ukg resp.I could not not get them admitted in a CBSE school because of age restrictions.They are in a matric school.Since both are very good academically,i feel getting them admitted in a CBSE school will give them a better edge for all india level competitive exams.Is it possible to get admission in a CBSE school without forgoing an academic year.(which is a normal practice ).I want to try in year 2011,when my son will be going to 6th and daughter in 2 nd grade.
    I have a slight hesitation in changing the school because of two reasons,first being the proximity of school which is just a stone throw from my house.The other being ,both of them are given extra attention and chances to participate in almost all the school programs.Since both are very good academically and speak fluent english.
    Is it possible to teach them at home the CBSE syllabus (maths and science),will they miss out on anything ?
    Lokking forward for a reply.thanks

  47. hai ,
    thank u for reply.

    Is it true that in ICSE there is an project work that also scored in final marks? then what type of project they give? or it is an internal mark? is any lab work also present ?

    ICSE is same all over or its also depending upon the schools.
    Is it true that in ICSE there is so many publication is present children will tharo in all or stick with the one publication?

    waiting for replay

    thank u

  48. Hi Vani,
    Yes there is a project in ICSE which is scored in the final exams infact it improves the percentage for instance, say in Social Studies first paper(i.e History Civics) a child scores 70 out of 80 in the external exams he is sured to get 18/19 out of 20 in project work which make altogether 88/89 out of 100. Giving internal marks rests in the hands of college.

    You asked what type of project it is, it often varies college to college. In general a project topic is given for which a project file is to be made.

    You asked about lab work,yes in subjects like English,S.Studies etc there are projects and in subjects like Physics, Chemistry,Biology,Computer Scienece there is practical exam in place of project work.

    ICSE is same all over as you ask and yes it is true ICSE books have several publications, but syllabus is the same. I recommend ‘Selina Publiction’ books or ‘S-Chand Publication’ books whichever you get easily, and these are widely accepted publications.

  49. Great information…..! I am a 9th std CBSE student and i was really really confused whether CBSE IS GOOD or ICSE IS GOOD???? i really came to know thats both of them are balanced training od education….Thanks a lot Mrs.Chitra :-)


  50. Great information…..! I am a 9th std CBSE student and i was really really confused whether CBSE IS GOOD or ICSE IS GOOD???? i really came to know thats both of them are balanced training education….Thanks a lot Mrs.Chitra


  51. Hi Chitra
    You are doing a wonderful analytical approach and service towards education. My children are studying in cbse system in Year X and year VII respectively. My question is how is IB system of education will be recognised in India if incase my son wants to persue his undergrad in India? willthey prepare for competitive exams in India or is it suitable for only studying in abroad? I want to know your view on that because my son loves to do project and has an analytical approach. He hates to byheart and he is very intelligent and does not like to write and learn etc… how is TISB school compare to other schools like INDUS etc.. I understand IB system gives various choices like sc/commerce/arts subjects mix and match unlike cbse / icse branches separately for science and commerce stream.
    Thanks a lot and awaiting for your reply.

  52. thanks and rely if you can ASAP
    Bharathi Mohan

  53. Hi Chitra,

    I am seeking Admission for my children (3rd & 1st std) in schools in South Bangalore for this June 2009. (near Indira nagar, New Tippasandra area).

    Which schools are good? I am fine with a montessori school / cbse school. Icse would be my last option. Can you name some schools? And since I live in the US, what is the best mode to secure an Admission from here?


  54. sujatha,
    on what basis u say icse would be your last option how much do you know about education systems prevalent in india and and what position you owe to pass such a comment in a forum where most of the intellectuals are taking part

  55. My kids will be in 5th and 7th standard in CBSE. Currently we are in Sharjah. I am planning to send my kids to boarding in India. My friend recomended Sahyadri school in Pune. Kindly let me know how is this school. We have almost decided to put them in St. Joseph’s school Panchgani. Also please provide feedback about this school. Both the schools are ICSE. After going through all the mails above, I have realised that both CBSE and ICSE are good in their own way. However I have a concern, is it necessary to change the kid to CBSE in 11th & 12th or to continue in ICSE. Will it be a drawback to continue in ICSE 11th & 12th when my kids want to appear for the entrance exams.

    Thanks & Regards

  56. My friend son studying in icse school syllabus in kerala and this academic year he comes to chennai and i want icse schools details in chennai with phone and address

  57. Well said, finally a good report on this stuff

  58. Reena, I am not sure I know enough to tell you whether CBSE or ICSE is good in 11th and 12th. I hope a more experienced parent will come forward and reply your question.

    Johnson, please visit to look up schools in Chennai.

    Thanks all. I am sorry I am not able to answer all your queries.

  59. I stumbled into this site. This is so informative. Wish I had visited this site before I made the decision.

    Having raised two children completely in the US, I felt it would be difficult to find a school in Bangalore on my return. I was looking for a school that is friendly in academics, has a lot of sports activities and provides similar approach to teaching as in the American schools. After visiting several schools and talking to principals and school management, I chose Treamis World School and have admitted two children. Though I will be living in HSR layout which is reasonably close to Electronics City, I am planning to put them as weekly boarders.

    My biggest concern with the schools in Bangalore was whether my children will be able to cope up with the curriculum. My children will be completing 5th and 7th grade in the USA. Treamis has both CBSE as well as IGCSE in the high school. But for the lower grades they have overlaid the curriculum from their partner school in the USA over CBSE curriculum. This base curriculum prepares children for whichever curriculum they choose in the high school. When I took my children, they loved the environment… it is exactly like in the US.

    Are there other schools with this concept and environment? Not that I want to shift my students (my children loved the Treamis school environment and the hostel facility), but it will be good to know if there are other schools providing US educational environment.

    After going through this website, I have a better understanding of the curriculum differences. Looks like, I have not made any rush judgment on the school Boards. I have one more year to decide on CBSE or IGCSE at Treamis.

  60. Dear Ms. Chitra,

    Stumbled upon this site just when it was needed. I live in Dubai and my son has just finished his grade 8 final exams. He does well in his studies scoring about 90% most of the time. We may have to shift to Mumbai in Kandivli in a short time. There is an excellent ICSE school in our premises there, but here in Dubai he is studying in a CBSE syllabus. What should I do? Should i go for ICSE or CBSE? Will he be able to cope in grade 9….Do u know of any good CBSE schools in Kandivli, Mumbai. Hoping for an early reply…
    An anxious mother.

  61. Dear Ms.Chitra

    At present my sons are studying in Dubai CBSE school and completing grade 8. We will be moving to Bangalore by April and seeking for a school where they can choose their 2nd language as Hindi or Higher English, where they dont have to do Kannada. Do you know any schools in Bangalore and also should i put them in ICSE or CBSE? Pls guide me and waiting for your reply.

    Thanks and regards


  62. Dear Ms. Chitra

    At present my kids go to CBSC shool in Chennai with Hindi as second language. I will be relocating to Banglore in June.I am looking for admision for 6th Sandard CBSC schools in Malleswaram and near by area which will will be closer to Pennaya where I will be working. Please suggest good CBSC schools which offer Hindi as second language other than KV and fees structure is around 30 to 50K range

    Thanks and regards


  63. I live in the US without children (my dogs are both home schooled) so my comments are very relevant to your discussion :)

    Its a uniquely Indian preoccupation to obsess over education. Back in the day (I started “college” in 1990) my mom did just that and I went to an ICSE school. It made a huge difference. This was in erstwhile Madras which at the time had under five schools under that board. While these schools were culturally different, they represented a very elite lot. They attracted the better teachers and *that* made the biggest difference. A lot of us actually liked botany and geography, for instance. These schools typically dominated in inter-city competitions, naturally.

    Just in case you haven’t’ figured it already, let your children make calls. If they hate science but do it anyway, they’ll have a terrible mid-life crisis (they will anyway, so it probably has no real bearing 😉 All I’m saying is whether they are scientists or entrepreneurial or creative later in life, a competent syllabus will be well worth it.

    Executive summary:
    * Dont worry that you may make the wrong choice!
    * ICSE is far superior than anything else out there and please don’t make your children study under local boards (no matter what your state is.)

    If you read through this post, you have a sense of humor and *that*j will certainly foster a positive environment for your kids. And lastly, “mugging” refers to armed street side robbery in the English speaking West, so you definitely dont want your children doing that :)

  64. i think all the school hunting is finshed for me i got my son’s admission ïn venkat international public school, i am really happy the way ,how organised they function and that huge spacious buildings, the friendly approachable managment and very good teachers i shoud say, i am very satisfied after surveying all the schools like bishops, baldwins, nps, kumarans cathedral…i think this is the best choice i hv made and rasonable fee structure i also recently read an article in a edu magazine listing top 10 indian schools with venkat international listed, they doing a great job. i belive they have a strength of ten thousand students .

  65. Lalitha: Great to know that you were able to narrow down the school of your liking. I live in the northern part of Banaglore and am curious to know more about Venkat International.

    Funny I am not able to find the school’s website (using regular search). Can you point me to the school’s web site and also to the article that you mentioned (EDU magazine). Thanks.

    Also, can you share some details on the fee structure of the school? Thanks

  66. Sir,
    im have given 10th exam dis year from CBSE
    and now in 11th class i want 2 opt 4 ICSE school becuz in my city ICSE schools r very nice…….there r CBse schools also……….
    So can u plz tell me, I should be in CBSE in 11th or in ICSE school
    plz reply as soon as possible on my e-mail address

  67. Here is a good comparison of IGCSE and CBSE

  68. Hi I got to know that cbse has been. Totally diluted now because of which it. Has lost its charm and icse is much better over cbse. Can you please shed some light as currently I am in a dliemna of shifting my son from icse to cbse ? He is in the first class.


    PtI am getting to henowadays CBSe has been

    I am

    I am geeting to here

  69. which is a good cbse school near malleshwaram/rajajinagar/vijaynagar??

  70. hi! ramya prasad
    i was just reading your post..i think there are many options in these areas..i think venkat international school in rajajinagar is a very good school from what i has a very good reputation..i know man parents of this school..they rate it very highly..the website address is http://WWW.VIPS.AC.IN

  71. hi!!
    happy to read ur post miss sunita!just got admission in venkat international public school for my child for 1st std..i have shifted from delhi..the first impression i got of this school is their very systematic procedures..just wanted to know if they have a icse school also???

  72. hi, ramya i recentely got bk from boston last year and surveyed most of the schools and then got admission in venkat international public school taking my neighbours advice, whose kid is going to venkat,i am staying in malleshwaram, i think there r lot of good schools in rajajinagar, malleshwarami think venkat inretnational public school has a very good reputation,there is nps alsoand qluni….it depends on what ur looking at, i think venkat is good and provides all the facilities, and safety for my boy anyway he is doing very well and i am happy wd his co-curricular and academics too……….

  73. hi, ganapathy
    i was nt it town sorry , they do hv a web site ,

  74. Hi,
    Very informative site gives concise data about cbse/isc streams. Great effort put in.

    My son who is just entered 9th ICSE sylabus in a local school in basaveshwaranagar has scored final overall 76% (includes term1 and term2 averaged marks) and only in 8th final exam he scored 83%. In few subjects like english 1, language Kannada, EVS and Physics scores in the range of 60% to 65% and rest all subjecct above 80%.
    Do you think this score is right at this stage or should we have to change him so as to get much higher score. While he was attending external tution in the begining he was scoring less in term1 and term2. Whereas after leaving tution he take his own time to study and got better marks compared to previous tests/exams.

    With this data what do you suggest moving forward. should I guide him towards ICS or CBSC for 12th grade. His interest is towards musics and science. and I would want him to move towards JEE.
    Appreciate your inputs.

  75. hey this really didn’t help me as much. I asked for 9th std I.C.S.E math syllabus and the options weren’t suiting my needs.

  76. Hello Chitra,

    I live in Bangalore but couldn’t get such in depth view of syllabus and schools to choose from.

    Could you or the members reading through please give your reviews on Bishop Cotton Girls school, Bethany and Baldwins, National Hillview and NAFL. If I have to choose one over the other will my daughter miss out on anything that I would not repent for.

    So much of options in Bangalore puts in dilemma of fear not to choose a wrong school for eventually child has to face the consequences.

    Will look forward for a good reply.

  77. hey chitra and all,
    i was in the same situation as u r in a year back when i shifted from mumbai..i was lookin for a CBSE school in the heart of bangalore city..i first narrowed down my list included cluny convent,venkat international public school,nafl,nps and baldwins..
    i personally had a visit to each school to know how they were functioning..i was very particular to put them to a cbse school..i choose VENKAT INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL in rajajingr for my children..the reason was the management was very informative and clear as too how exactly t go abt the formalities,teachers provided very good confidence,info abt van facility,their results of both X AND XII were the best in the city..i had even read a article in EDUTIMES stating that it’s rated among the best schools in bangalore.
    i have as a parent completed couple of yrs in this school and i am very happy with my childrens growth and performance..excellent teaching faculty,amazing infrastructure(not even seen in bombay),teachers and management are so kind and helpful..
    i was going through may postings placed above and each parent i am sure is in the same opinion..pls check the above postings in this page itself..hope it will help u..

  78. hi aisha,
    your posting was very informative.i have heard a lot about VENKAT INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL..can u pls also provide me with the complete postal address/website add if any??does venkat international school even have icse pattern?


  80. Maybe, but i am a student so i know da best. why not go for kumarans,dps and nps.They are premium institutes and always top the cbse ranks with good centums in core subjects.If u want ur children to get good competitive exposure and preparedness for competitions look for better schools. VIPS never prepare students for competitons like quizs, debates, iskcon fest,times nie. The teachers are also not able to recognise the talents of the students. Think of paying Rs.350 for TC!!!! where most of the schools give it for free!!!a friend of mine from kv can read the periodic table horizontally, vertically and anyway from memory.see their preparation. Choose NPS,dps.

  81. i was going through times of india and found that vips has some what like168 distinctions in X board exams..i think that sums up the kind of preparation they are providing..its not a joke to produce that kind of results..i think the school was est only 10 yrs back compared to nps,dps which were est somewhat like 25-30 yrs back..for a new school i think vips is doin really good..
    regarding tc my cosin paid rs 500/ for a school in rajarajeshwaranagr..most schools in bangalore take some fee for a tc..

  82. i had a look at the post above and would like to say that both kishen and aisha posts were very informative..thank u..
    i feel the coaching in vips is really amazing..i have seen for myself the kind of effort they put into students..i think the school is really up there with the best..
    regarding the collection of money for tc,i think all schools in bangalore neice had to pay rs 500 for her tc for her school in sarjapur rd..

  83. Hi,

    I would like to know more about the second language selection in the CBSE syllabus. Is it a good Idea to select the language we speak? or is it good to select the opposite one?
    When I enquired about the probability of choices in the school they said 70%-80% will choose hindi and only 20%-30% will choose kannada.
    Chitra, your openion on this will help many parents when it comes to choice between the second and third language.

  84. Hi everyone,

    I hope someone helps me with this. I put my daughter very recently in a reputed school which follows ICSE board. She is in 2 class. She got two English text books, namely Gul Mohar ‘Reader’ and Gul Mohar ‘Companion’. But, my relative told me her son had the same books when he was in 2 nd. The problem is that her son goes to a school which follows CBSE syllabus!!

    Sadly, we couldn’t really check out the material inside the books.

    Could anyone tell me whether both CBSE & ICSE books can have absolutely the same names?

    Secondly, could someone give me all the names of textbooks of 2 class ICSE board? That will clear my doubt or I’ll be able to take on the management.

    I hope someone will help me out. Soon!

    Thank you,

  85. My daughter is in 5th standard. Based on her aptitude we think that she will be better suited for mass communication/ management i.e not engineering/medical. Which board is best suited for this purpose – ICSE or CBSE?

  86. Dear people, I am sorry if I cannot respond to all the comments.

    Sumitha Ahuja, honestly I think it is too early to conclude about your daughter’s aptitude. You can give it a lot more time to figure out. :) That said, ICSE is more suited for mass communication, IMO.

  87. Pls tell something about schools in Pune. Which CBSE school offers the best education plus extra Co curricular activities and good english communication. Also the ISCE school- what will be the best choice a convent school like St. MAry’s /Bishop or other private school like Vikhe PAtil or DAV?

  88. hi chitra,

    can you please let me know good icse / cbse school in and around whitefield

  89. hi,

    we have decided to enroll my daughter in Treamis World School from 2010 into 5th grade. Right now she is in ICSE syllabus. Hope we are doing the right thing.
    I was impressed with the infrastructure and the warm welcome. I feel though it is new there is scope for further improvement.

    Please let me know if we are on the right track.

  90. hi, chitra, i am residing in virugambakkam. i have 2 children in 6th and 10th studying in kendriya vidyalaya , i need to know a good cbse school in and around,kknagar, ashoknagar…….for admissions in 11th commerce… i am not very keen to shift from cbse to state….. could you suggest afew good schools.and any other considerations to be made…. thank u….regards prema

  91. I have been reading that CBSE syllabus helps to prepare for entrance exams. However, when I check the syllabus for Maths & Science of CBSE and ICSE IX and X they are more or less the same. The format of questioning is different but the syllabus is still the same. If a student is clear in the fundamentals, he or she should be able to answer an objective type question quite easily. Infact, in ICSE the questions are not straight forward and involves multiple level thinking which infact is very good to solve certain maths and physics problems! So I am still confused why so many people think that CBSE is suitable for competitive exams!!!

  92. Hi, Thanks for all the information on this.. its very useful. Specific to my need, can someone let me know if it is a good idea for my 6th std son to move to icse from cbse as I am in the process of relocating to Bangalore from Chennai.? Further I see that there are not many schools prociding Tamil as a second language.. so any pointers to that would be very helpful. Thanks very much. Ramesh

  93. Well, CBSE or ICSE – other have spoken about it and I will leave it to your judgement. What I have done was take a sample 10th class question paper (both CBSE and ICSE) of subjects in Science and English and compare. It vaguely gives you an idea about what your sons studies to be able to answer questions the way they are framed. You can take a call after that.

    Regarding second language, I personally chose Sanskrit as it is the mother of all Indian Languages. Foreign languages can be learnt later but giving a foundation is Sanskrit I feel is a responsibility of all parents. The language has many benefits in terms of activately the right side of the brain, logical thinking etc etc

    Where ever you travel in India, you will not have problem with Sanskrit as a second language as it is mostly offered by all the schools.

  94. Hi,
    Chitra this is really a wonderful site that parent should refer before seeking the admission for their kids. Thanks for that.

    I am trying to get the L.K.G admission for my daughter . Many schools are telling kid should be completed 3 years 10 months in the month of June. Since my daughter is Nov born, she is turning 3.7 years during June 2010. Is it mandatory to have 3 years 1o months to get the LKG admission?. It looks like that i will be getting admission in one CBSE school. Can i go ahead and admit my dauhter..? Please let me know..


  95. Dear madam,
    The information you have posted is very useful.But there are some mistakes in it which I would like to correct. Not only CBSE but even ICSE stresses a lot over maths and science!!!(U can see ICSE 10th textbooks). It does not make much difference whether u study in CBSE or ICSE in 11th and 12th since the portion is almost same!!But there is a lot of stress laid over English Language and Literature in ICSE.
    It is in the student’s hand to perform well whether he is studying in CBSE or ICSE!!!!

  96. Dear Shees Abidi
    We are in Saudi Arabia and our childrens are studying in Grade-1 IGCSE please see the school website i request you please guide me on which way i should let my childrens go IGCSE or CBSE i am very confused in this please help me out, FYI, i am planning them for Medical Seats

  97. hi chitra..
    just found r2i while searching for schools in bangalore….just wonderful info for parents leaving abroad and wanting best schools for their kids when they come back for good….thank u for ur wonderful info

    i hav a 2.5yr old son and we r planning to r2i by end of year 2010so he can start schooling when he is 3.
    we stay in BTM layout…so need ur inputs abt best schools arnd…we want sme schools which r not too far and hav good infrasturcture and motivating teachers…

    it will be really helpful if u can give me info abt the admission process i am in uk and hav very less info abt the current processes….

    thnks in advance…awaiting for responses frm well informed people


  98. Hi,
    almost all of the discussions on CBSE and ICSE. I would like to know how easy or difficult it is to change from IB curriculum to CBSE/ICSE.
    Which is the right level of IB to shift ( if one has to shift) to which level of CBSE/ICSE

  99. Hi,

    I have got admissions for my daughter who is 21/2 yrs old in DPS – North, however, I’m in a dilema over theboard -f ICSE vs CBSE. Recently, I approached a school called New Age World school and I met the gentleman who is on the school managing committie….he sounded very promising but the difference is concepts vs conceptualisations of these in the real world…any feed back on this New ASge school would be helpful


  100. Hi Chitra,

    My Son is in 7th Standard in Ryan International School, Bangalore in ICSE syllabus. We are planning to move to US by the end of May 2010.

    How to do we find a school for him for 8th grade. I was told by some people that with IGCSE syllabus, it is possible to get admission in school anywhere in the world? Is this right? Is it possible to find the school for him for the next academic year.

    Thanks to give this info and help me to decide on my move.


  101. Hi..I am moving U.S.A to india in feb. my son is in first grade. can any body suggest me the syllabus of first grade in india to clear the entrance exam for second grade in CBSE \ ICSE . i will be glad.

  102. Hi Chitra,
    I’m in Central Govt. Service. I am residing at Chandannagar – very near to Kolkata. My daughter is studying in Class II in St. Joseph’s Convent under ICSE. I shall be transferred to Bilaspur (Chhatisgarh) in the next month for three years. After making some quiries I learnt that there is no ICSE school in Bilaspur. All are running under CBSE. If I admit her in any CBSE school at Bilaspur, after returning to Kolkata I have to admit her again in the same school (St. Joseph’s Convent, Chandannagar) under ICSE in class V. Would she able to cope up at that time?
    Waiting for your advice.

  103. Hi Chitra
    You are doing a wonderful job and this blog is helping a lot for all the parents . I regularly read this blog especially topics connected to education in Bangalore . My kid will be joining Kumarans ICSE this year . I wanted to know whether it is possible to change the board to CBSE . If so , what is the procedure . Will we have to pay the donation again ? If anybody has any info regarding this , please let me know .

  104. hi chitra
    my daughter is 3 1/2 yrs old and i am in a dilemma whether to put her in an international school or one with icse syllabus.. i ve heard that international schools dont give much emphasis on studies and that it lacks in inculcating good values in childrenand besides it boasts only of infrastructure and facilities. is this true.. could you give me some guidance on IGCSE, CAMBRIDGE and IB syllabus. we also might go abrod.. please help.

  105. Hi Chitra,
    Your research briefing is awesome. I am moving from US and my son is in 1st grade. Now i am clear between CBSE and ICSE. Now a days they have IGCSE what are your thiughts on that? Can anyone suggest a school in Hyderabad. I am totally confused with the growing number of schools and their admission process.
    Thank you,

  106. Thanks for your Comparisons, really worthy …!

  107. We are planning to move from US to Bangalore. Looking for good ICSE/CBSE schools near Koramangala where Hindi is not the second language.
    My children will be going to 7th and 1st grade.

    I saw a mention of an article here of John Hopkins center for talented youth in Brigade school. Which schools participate in this process?


  108. Hi
    Is it possible to study for 12 standard with out 11 in cbse.


  109. Hi Chitra,
    I m from pune and looking for school for my daughter for class 3, i agree with most of the people who as for CBSE curriculum, it really prepares wel for the higher education competitive exams.
    while surfing for the information on schools i also came across the IGCSE and IB curriculums is it compatiable to that of CBSE? offcourse i would not like to risk to confuse my child during her building years of life.

    can you please suggest which one to go for.
    Also all good schools n Pune freeze their admission during nursary or at the most LKG/UKG and do not entertain a enquiry also.

    Really helpless and seek genuine advice .

  110. Hi all,

    If anyone is looking for a Spanish teacher for your kids, You can contact me at : or

    I have Batchelors and Masters degree in Spanish from JNU, New Delhi and I can speak the language fluently.


  111. Hi Chitra,
    Thank you for the info it was really helpful. My daughter will be 3.6years this June 2010 and has got admission in ICSE school for Mont 2 (LKG). Would like check with you whether she will be able to cope up? Will she be too young for LKG (Mont2). Since she is December 2006 born she will either be too young or too old in a class. We do not want to give her unnecessary pressure. What is the ideal age for a kid to be in (Mont 2 or LKG) she has completed her Nursery in a montessory school and has done well. Your valuable feedback will be helpful.

  112. Hi all,
    I live in France & my daughter is 11. I probably be shifting to Chennai by the end of 2010. Actually I’m searching for a good International school with reasonable fees in Chennai for my daughter who is now in the fifth form (11 yrs) & here the medium of teaching is French . I’m confident that she’ll pick up with her English but the thing is if she has to face an entrance exam before admission it will be dramatic. Could anyone please advice me? It troubles me very much & the other problem is that when I enquired ,schools in chennai will not enroll students in the middle of the academic year. I heard about Lallaji Memorial Omega Intl. school in chennai; can anybody tell me about that school? Feeling helpless & any genuine advice will be very helpful for me. Thanks!

  113. you all have missed out one major important point
    we,icse students hav to write 11 papers{eng 1 eng2 environmental education computer/economics,phy ,chem ,bio,history geography,regional language,maths}
    seperately each out of 80 marks plus 20 marks project except computer{3rd elective}which is out of 100 plus 100 marks internals we hav a total of 147 chapters excluding literature books like julius caesar ,15 short stories and 15 poems and 2 regional language text books
    while the cbse students need to write subjects like history just out of 20 marks or something…
    and this year 2010 icse board exam was very very tough compared to cbse

  114. hey chitra thnx a lot…!

  115. Hi,
    I was going through the exhaustive list of comments on ISCE and CBSE. My daughter has just completed class X from a school offering CBSE. I just want to say that CBSE is a well rounded child friendly system. Now with the introduction of CCE, there is lot less stress on the student to score marks. CBSE aims at excellence. Yes, I do agree they could improve on the way they deal with the English language, because they focus only on the communicative aspect of the language. A student who intends to take up literature for higher studies is bound to be at a loss, because of the lack of comprehensive English teaching, unless he or she is an avid reader. At the end of the day the parents have to guide the child whether in CBSE or ICSE. School curriculum is not a dead end to learning but only sets the course down the alley. It is the interest of the child and the motivation by the parents that take them across the horizons.

  116. Hi Chitra,
    We are planning to R2B and I wanted to join my daughter for the 5th Grade in 2011 and I am confused which school do I need to join her..CBSE or ISCE or International School.
    Does she need to learn Hindi or Kannada, if she joins in International school?
    Do they need to learn second language? if so when do the second language comes in to picture?
    What are the good international schools in North Bangalore
    Vidyashilp,Ryan International,kenedian International school which one is good?


  117. @ Jafna and others:

    Il y a deux ecoles en francais en Pondicheri, seulement 3 heurs par Chennai. … at which point I run out of my French :-).

    The first is “Lycee Francaise” which follows the National French Public school syllabus, your child would have absolutely NO difficulties in moving here, it is also relatively easy to get in to. The fees are high but reasonable.

    The other school is truly unique – Sri Aurobindo International Center of Education (SAICE). You have to learn four languages – English, French, Sanskrit and your mother tongue (in case your mother tongue is either of these then you need to choose another language). Math and Science is taught in French; History, Geography and other Social Science are usually taught in English. The school year starts in December, and ends in November (just one month holiday). Sports facilities are MASSIVE: Track&Field (ALL Olympic sports from 100m running to shot put), Games (football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, cricket etc), Gymnastics (floor, vault etc) and Swimming (old olymic standard 33m pool, with diving L), are all compulsory. So is art, signing, music, dance.

    The syllabus is totally determined by the teachers, class sizes vary from 1 student to max of 15. The graduating class has only about 15-30 people a year. The Teacher: Student ratio is approx 1:1. Teacher’s dont get paid but are inmates of the Ashram. Some have PhDs, some are educated in Oxford/Cambridge!

    Also, the education is all the way up to a 3 year Bachelors, after which is nothing like a “BSc” or “BA” certificate, but the course is recognized by the Ministry of Human Resource Development. After this you can proceed to give GATE for getting admission in to Master’s courses in the IITs, or go on to do your MA/MS/PhD at any Indian / UK University. The difficulty is only with getting in to Medicine in India.

    The fees? Rs 500/- per year, and additionally ~ Rs 3,000/- per year for boarding, (includes yummy meals :-).

    The catch? You have to be a genuine devotee of Sri Aurobindo and a believer in his philosophy :-).

    How do I know? My mother and both my aunts studied there and I spent every summer in Pondicherry enviously wishing I went to SAICE :-)).

  118. I am in the gulf and my son studies in grade 6 icse level. I need some guide books, can you tell me where in the uae are guides available or website to visit. work, homework & school & house cores are too much for me. pls email me as I first time visited your site.

    Here text books are given by their school itself so not stores have icse books/guides.
    thanks in advance – Diana

  119. Hi Chitra,

    Thanks for the information. In our days it is only ssc now the options are tremondus. Your blog cleared my doughts for my son’s education.

    thanks again


  120. my son is studying in igcse board in class 6 .please guide me whether ishould shift them to cbse board or let them continue with igcse board only what is the future of studying in this board in india

  121. I saw some of the posts saying second language can be chosen other than hindi. Is it possible for a kid moving to 9th grade to avoid indian language, and go for english with spanish as second language. With cbse/icse syllabi. do you know any such schools ?

  122. Nothing at all is as well a lot to ask, honestly! If it tends to make your purchasing expertise much better and with much less worries – do it. Practically nothing appeared correct to me, and I received upset more than every thing. Almost nothing was genuinely incorrect, besides that our canine was not feeling properly.

  123. Hi Chitra,

    Thanks for the information. In CBSE Board, Whether Second Language Must Be Compulsarily a INDIAN Language or it can be a Forign Language Too. I am going To join my son in Kinder Garden.

    thanks again


  124. hi at present we are n kenya,we are planning to come back mumbai. now my big problem is school for my son,he is studying in std 3 and does not know hindi , please help me………..please please…………………..

  125. Hi,

    I am in a dilemma because i have got a admission to my daughter in a very well known school for the state board. i had applied for CBSE also but she did not get it. At present she studies in CBSE syllabus but the present schoolteahing concept and the faculty is not up to the mark. The school where she has got the admission is very good and their methodolgy,concepts are also good because my nephew studies there in state board. as such he is in 5th grade and the books are from the same publication to both the cbse and state board as of now. ,cbse is little hi -fi school in terms of infrastructure. pls suggest me. i have a weeks time to decide.Thank you very much

  126. hi
    i have a son aged 10yrs old and studying in 4th std of CBSE syllabus. He is good in studys but the school he studys the standard of teaching is deteriorating year after year. So this year we have decided to put him to another school which is offering ICSE syllabus. We are worried whether he would cope up with the new syllabus. Are we making the right decision. Please guide us in this matter. Thanking you.

  127. have you’ll any time management idiots the result of class X 2011 is not yet announced…………………………………..

  128. Hi’ Chitra

    I’m given to understand that PRESIDENCY SCHOOL in
    R T Nagar -Bangalore is best , it so? for ICSE syllabus

    Regards Rohit

  129. Hi Chitra,

    Thanks for this interesting read. Infact this is actually the first blog that I have read on the CBSE vs ICSE topic that has done a reasonable comparison. Has been confusing for me about which Board to choose and I went with CBSE just because I myself had studied in the CBSE. But this makes more sense here.

    It might be interesting for you and your readers who want to know more about schools in India to have a look at It lists and discusses several other similar concerns regarding education in India.

  130. Hi Chitra,

    Excellent info by you. My daughter is 2yrs old and I am confused about the CBSE and ICSE. Actually, I am in Gujarat so I have 3rd option GSEB also but I want to go for either CBSE and ICSE.

    I want to put my daughter in a school which focuses more on Study rather than extra activity like scatting, horse riding, dance etc. etc. It doesn’t means I dont want my daughter to be involved in extra activity but emphasis should be on study.

    According to you which board would be greater from CBSE and ICSE. You can give me reply on my personal mail id also.

    I am asking it to you because I am very concern about education and that’s why some year prior I want to be clear about all confusions.

    Thanks again for such great information

  131. hello,
    This is biaksh pradhan and i don’t know what’s going wrong going with with this CBSE ,well-knowned board
    of india because my sister sashikala pradhan is becoming compart from last 2 years as she is a well tallented girl not even 2 or 3 marks is given by this board and she deserves a good marks according to her hard work as i know.therefore i would like to ask for a kind favour of looking behind this all such issues and problems because she is going down day by day and not willing to do a good study.. her future is in danger.. thanks..

  132. Hi Chitra

    I am Kunal Gandhi. I am guessing that you do not know me but I have become quiet a regular reader of your blog after I came across this “CBSE vs ICSE” related article on your site. I have recently moved from Belgium myself and I think you are raising just the right issues.

    Anyways, the reason I was writing to you was that I observed that a lot of parents are writing queries on your blog regarding education. Some of them remain unanswered too. We at are trying to address just that. It would be very helpful for those parents and us as well, if you could provide a link back to This way, they could come to after reading your blog and ask those questions. We have a team of School teachers who can address their queries in detail for free.

    Further, we would love it if you want to write a guest article on an education related topic of your choice and share your experiences.

    If this makes sense and you would be interested, please let me know and we can think how to do it optimally. Thanks for reading through this long email. You can reach me on


  133. Hi Chaitra,

    A very good informative post on selection of syllabus.

    My daughter is 2.5years old , I am planning her to admit her to a better school with ICSE/CBSE sylllabus.
    Kinldy suggest some good schools in and around Vijaynagar/Nagarbhavi, Bangalore which either of the syllabus.
    Awaiting your reply.
    Thank you.

    Best Regards

  134. hi every one ,

    i got very good information on CBSE and ICSE.thank you for info.., if CBSE had more math and science then ICSE,then why it is herder to move from CBSE to ICSE?

    i was looking for ICSE schools in Banglore near by HAL. if any one can help me to find them ,it will be great help for me and i will be very thankful to them.i don’t want him to travel one hour for school ,so i want to find find school near by house which is next to HAL airport Banglore.

  135. hello chitra, i have a question which nobody else seems to have daughter is in the 7th studying in cbsc school.we have decided to put her in a good boarding school which has icse syllabus. assuming she clears the entrance(she’s working on it) will it be tough for her to handle the icse curriculum all byherself. she has consistently been a more than 90% student throughout.
    shall be grateful for your reply.

  136. Hi my son in ICSC 9th std now can I take 10th in CBSC now as he is scoring less than 60 % in ICSC . Presently studying in APS public school bangalore

  137. Hi

    my son studied in CBSE untill grade 5 and when we moved to India, we put him in ICSE (Baldwin). Not very happy with his progress as well school and syllabus. very vast and extremely loading on kids. Now he is in 9th std, I want to move him to CBSE. I am told, he needs to move now (mid way and finish 9th in CBSE, else he cant join CBSE in X th gr). Whats your recommendation? should we move him now. I am not confident he will score well in ICSE in Gr X, as he is heavily overloaded.


  138. hi chitra/others, any quick advice/views on my mail. I am planning to take the decision tomorrow, appreciate really any feedback, thanks

  139. Sun,

    I can tell you what perhaps I would do if I were in your shoes. I would move my child to CBSE now.

    If he has studied 9th in ICSE, moving him now to CBSE 9th may not be so bad. You may have to work with him, but it is perhaps still better than approaching 10th knowing that he may not fare well.

    The other option is of course to move him to State syllabus in 10th. Have you thought of that?

  140. Thanks Chitra

    I did think of that, but not too many state board schools seem to except students in 10th (tried with Vijaya school ). also read y’day that PU1 AND 2 state syllabus will migrate CBSE starting 2012/13.(TOI, guess yesterday)

    I am already pursuing to move him to Treamis International, for 9th, in CBSE, for second sem starting Jan1, getting registration done with CBSE board.

    wish me luck and pl support with any sharing to manage this change. Its very crucial for us and we are bit nervous!

    Thanks again

  141. Hi Chitra

    Great work on a much debatable topic. I, too, am looking for advice. My son is studying in a CBSE school in Dubai. He will be starting grade 1 from March and I need to pick a second language for him. The choice is between Hindi and French. The third language is Arabic and is is compulsory. No choices there.

    My husband and I have both studied Hindi. But I feel it will be better for my son to study French as it has links to both Eng and Arabic. Also incase we decide to r2i, then will it be better for him to do Hindi/French?

    Please advice.

    Thank you

  142. dear mam,
    your discussion had clear my all doubts of cbse vs icse. but what about cbse vs igcse ?
    my sons are in 6th and 2nd std in cbse and we are planning to shift them to igcse board. please guide us the pros and cons of this shifting of board. please reply soon as we have to decide in one or two days.

  143. Dear,
    Kindly let me know which are the best three schools in Secundrabad area (HYD) to get an admission for my daughter in 1st standard.Also please let me know CBSE or ICSE is more suitable for childrens.Please advice.

    Thank you,


  144. Hi All,

    I came by this blog just when I was finalizing the school for my son. For sure the information posted gives a clear comparison of ICSE vs CBSE. Having studied in CBSE I strongly felt that the kid should be sent to a CBSE school as he should not be loaded with heavy curriculum. After reading through the views it does come to my mind that it is also worth sending him in ICSE school as it has its own advantages and long term perspective. In a nutshell be it CBSE or ICSE effort should be put by parents to help the kid. We should be aware and ready with complimentary courses/options to overcome the shortfall of each curriculum.

  145. hi, chitra
    My daughter studying 8th icse syllabus now. We wanted to change her syllabus from icse to state to score better now her percentage is 76% but we are in a delemma to change her syllabus whether she gets an admission in the reputed college she is slightly weak in maths.So please suggest some good tutor and also your advise thank you,

  146. Hi Chtitra,

    Thanks so much for this informative Post,We are planning to relocate to Bangalore from the US in April to sarjapur area,Could you please suggest some good schools in that area with ICSE syllabus

  147. just go through this link , you may full

  148. Can a student from Mumbai ICSE school be transferred and get admission to an ICSE school in Bangalore? We are thinking to relocate due to job transfer ..Please suggest or comment and let me know if anyone has done this before?


  150. Hi,
    Thanks for the post. My son is currently studying in grade 4 in Dubai. Planning to go to Kerala, Trivandrum from Grade 5 onwards. Confusion ICSE & CBSE. another doubt…malayalam language is it true..isnt there any other option..

    any schools that u can suggest in trivandrum district in kerala.

    Keep up the good work


  151. Hi,

    Can anybody please inform me how Sri Vani Public School, Rajajinagar, Bangalore, is, in terms of teaching quality? The school has ICSE syllabus.

  152. Hi Very nice post. I am from surat. and currently my Son is 2 years 8 months old. Can you please tell me which school is best in surat for cbse and for icse.

  153. I want to put my daughter in a school which focuses more on Study rather than extra activity It doesn’t means I dont want my daughter to be involved in extra activity but emphasis should be on study.
    We are planning to relocate to Bangalore from London in 2013. We are seeking for admission in Grade 6 and Grade 3 for my daughters in 2013

    which stream is good whether CBSE OR ICSE .
    According to you which board would be greater from CBSE and ICSE. You can give me reply on my personal mail id also.

  154. Hi Chitra, Kudos to you!! I have been reading nearly all the requests & replies on your blog… pretty interesting…
    I plan to send my kids to boarding in kerala this academic year( 2013-2014) in classes 5 & 7; either to ICSE or Cambridge syllabus (as I hear IGCSE have french as 2nd language). They have been in CBSE syllabus all this while. I have been getting a lot of negative feedback from friends & relatives regarding the so called ” one cannot fail” in CBSE which seems (to me) a tad absurd! Can’t seem to understand the logic.
    Anyways, as to the 2nd language options – my kids have been studying french as a 2nd language and I would prefer a syllabus/school that offers them the same in the ICSE/ IGCSE syllabus in kerala. It would be difficult for them to switch over from french to either Hindi or Malayalam as their 2nd language. Also, as I’ve been reading various inputs regarding language preferences( in ICSE) & Math & Science (in CBSE) I’m a little confused as to how much of a difference does it make when a child has his/her basics right(which is the key point).. am I right in saying so?
    I would really appreciate it if you could guide me regarding these Q’s as it would make a BIG difference in the way I would approach the admission process for my kids. Hope to hear from you ASAP.

  155. Hi,

    I want to take admission for my son and i am new in all these board stuff. I am in mumbai recently moved from gujarat and i have consult 1 international school in mumbai and it’s offering IGCSE i am confuse which board should i choose , help me out with this

  156. (URGENT) Need current info on Greenwood High Bangalore

    Many thanks

  157. Hi

    Please answer below question of mine.
    I have a 3 Yr. Old nephew and we are looking for his admission in school.
    After reading all the comments, My take is that both CBSE/ICSE has pros and cons and Syllabus of both the boards are tough, My sis and her husband are not much educated and hardly can read and write English.

    Considering the difficulty level of the syllabus in both the boards, I am in the confusion whether I shud suggest them to get the admission in CBSE or SSC board.
    My nephew will have to study almost on his own as his parents are not that educated, so will his parents educational background impact his education if he opts for CBSE, Are there enough coaching classes available for the students of CBSE Board…..?

  158. Hi ,

    I recently moved from US and dnt have many options as this time of the year all admissions are closed. I have two options ekea in JP nagar and insifree in JP nagar. Can you or someone in the forum share their exp.


  159. A note for people who are moving from the US to India~
    I wish I had read this article 4 years back when I moved from the US to Bangalore. I had no trouble catching up with Hindi in 5th grade even though I knew nothing about it at the time. I’m currently in NPS INR and have opted for Hindi as my second language (over Sanskrit). In 5th standard, I actually found the maths, science and english course in Bangalore easier. To be fair, I was in advanced classes in the US. Recently I compared my school curriculum with my American friends. It seems that the CBSE’s curriculum for Maths and Science is more extensive and exhaustive than it is in the USA. Although the English course is tougher in California.

  160. My son is in the 7th Standard studying in DON BOSCO MUMBAI, SSC Board, I am planning to move my residence to GOA next year. I am in a dilemma as which board should I opt for him, CBSE or ICSE. Having studied in Maharashtra SSC Board so far, Can he cope up with either of the boards CBSE or ICSE. I dont want to burden him unnecessarily. The GOA board would be a disadvantage, since then he will have to opt for a local language. Please advice.

  161. hello
    i just graduated from the stateboard in my 10th grade i wud like to go ahead with the ibdp but i wud like to know the difficlty level…

  162. I think ICSE board is the best as compared to cbse

  163. Hi All,

    Would like to share an adaptive learning platform to make your child fall in love with Math (CBSE/ICSE) @

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