Bangalore Schools – Vidya Sagar, Vidya Niketan, Vidya Shilp

One of the questions that I am often asked is about the schools in Bangalore. Henceforth, I will be writing about those schools for which I get first hand reviews; these could be from my personal friends, or from readers of the blog.

Vidya Sagar, Vidya Niketan, and Vidya Shilp Academy are a set of 3 schools that have gained considerable amount of reputation in the last few years. All of these 3 are located in North Bangalore and all the 3 schools can be approached from the Bellary road.

VidyaSagar is primarily a pre-kindergarten and a kindergarten school. From Vidya Sagar, the students either branch out to Vidya Niketan or to Vidya Shilp for 1st standard. But, the parents who put their kids to Vidya sagar for pre-KG/KG must decide right at the time of admission if their child will go to Vidya Niketan or Vidya Shilp from 1st standard onwards. Vidya Niketan and Vidya Shilp are independant units and are run differently from each other.

At VidyaSagar, they are very particular about the child having completed the required age as of May 31st of the given year. Even if the child completes the required age on Jun 1st, he/she has to be admitted to the lower class.

You can view additional information and reviews of Vidya Sagar Nursery School, here.  (Thanks to Sivabalan for providing the address. :) )

VidyaNiketan has classes from 1 to 12 and is affiliated to the ICSE Board. The school is situated in the North of Bangalore near the Hebbal lake flyover. Each class accommodates about 35 children. The fee per year is around Rs. 35, 000/-.The school has activities such as music, dance, arts, crafts, and various kinds of sports. Cricket coaching happens within the school campus all round the year.


Vidya Niketan School
#30, Kempapura, Hebbal
Bangalore 560 024

Tel: +91 80 2333 1531, 23531338

Started in 1996, Vidyashilp Academy has classes from 1 to 10. They offer 2 kinds of syllabus; the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and Cambridge University’s International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). The Academy uses a progressive technology-based education method whereby traditional text books have been replaced with lesson plans produced on a computer. The lesson plans are stored on a central server and accessed in each classroom. Teacher and student progress is tracked electronically. There is no homework for the younger pupils and the children do not sit any examinations until the sixth standard.

The school building is situated in an 18-acre campus and occupies approximately 100,000 square feet. The facilities include classrooms, a laboratory, a work area, an auditorium and a dining hall. Outdoor sports facilities include a swimming pool, a volleyball court, a basketball court, a skating rink, a full-size cricket pitch, football and hockey fields. Indoor sports facilities are also provided for chess, bridge, yoga, movie and badminton. (Most of this info about VidyaShilp is from their website.)

Each classroom accommodates 30 children. The fee per year is around Rs. 1, 02,000/-.


Post Box 6437 International Airport Road Bypass
Neat Jakkur Flying Club
Kodigehalli, Shivanahalli Village,
Yelahanka, Bangalore – 560092

Tel: +91 80 28561824, 28561809, 28563678

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  2. The way things and school rating change, I will be ask u for information in a couple of years time.

    A new dad

  3. Hi Chitra,
    how have u been? Well i guess u may hav well adjusted to banglore life by now. In my case my hubby want to build an independant house and settle in bangalore (now in USA)..but i keep reading in newspapers abt robbeies n stuff so am not able to make decision about this .Can u share ur thoughts regarding this

  4. Sure, new dad. :)

    Mona, thanks for visiting. And let me share my thoughts on the question in a separate post. :)

  5. Hi

    can anyone share your views , experiences & information on how is bethany school for a UKG & 6th grader. How do you compare it with DPS East, for example. Thanks

  6. Hey,this is good.My kid will be finishing a year at Niketan.I am quite happy with the way things run there.
    Teacher’s n staff are very receptive to not only the children but also to the parents.I guess a visit to the campus by interested parents will help a lot.

  7. >>>At VidyaSagar, they are very particular about the child having completed the required age as of May 31st of the given year.

    What is the reqd age as of this may for pre school at vidya sagar?

    Any ideas of “Gaia Preschool” at RT Nagar?

    My kid 2.2 as of May 2008 :: looking for a pre school to start with :)

  8. @Sivabalan, I recently enrolled my two children at Gaia in RT Nagar. I am R2i this spring. My younger daughter is 4 at the end of May and will be in LKG and my older one will be in UKG. If you want any chance at getting into VidyaSagar you need to enroll them at the play group level. There aren’t many new spots for kids entering LKG or UKG there. Here are the general age cutoffs for schools:

    By the time the academic year starts, children must have completed 3 years and 10 months for LKG (Pre-Kindergarted), 4 years and 10 months for UKG (Kindergarten) and 5 years and 10 months for first grade.

    The academic year starts in June in the schools following the Indian calendar (June to March every year).

    For kids younger than 3 years and 10 months, there are play homes and nursery (which starts when the kids are two and a half, I think).

  9. Thanks Nikhil !
    Another spillting point for me is ICSE vs CBSE. Both Niketan & Shilp are ICSE ( who takes feeds from Vidya Sagar). SO I want to try Vidya Sagar if I have decided in fav of ICSE. But still am not able to make up my mind.
    Let me visit & explore Sagar & Gaia….

  10. Vidya Sagar Nursery School
    9, 3rd Cross, Bhoopsandra Main Road,
    RMV 2nd Stage,
    Bangalore – 560094
    Tel : 23413661

  11. Shrinivas, a friend who usd to send her child to Bethany’s pre-school was overall pretty happy with the school. Her only gripe with the school was that the number of students per class was more. I do not know what that number is though.
    Not sure if I know enough about DPS East.

    Shilpa, thanks for sharing your views. :)

    Sivabalan, what Nikhil said is true in quite a few of the state-board schools about the age being 3 years and 10 months for LKG (Pre-Kindergarten), 4 years and 10 months for UKG and so on. But, there are other schools that want you to to be 6 when you start 1st std. This will make it that your child has to be 3 for pre-KG. I think that is what it is in Vidyasagar. But, pl do call the school.
    From what I have heard of Gaia, it is an exceptional pre-school. I have had parents absolutely rave about the school. They were very happy with the teachers, the infrastructure, the teaching methods etc.

    Thanks Nikhil for sharing here. :)

  12. Oh Chitra, thanks so much for this update.. Will send you an email direct for some other information that I need.

    Thanks !

  13. Chitra/Sivabalan- no worries. My parents just visited Gaia this past week to re-assure me about my decision and had nothing but great things to say about the school.

    That said, the enrollment for ’08 academic year for the schools that interested me started sometime ago. My aunts tried to also get my girls enrolled at VidyaSagar when they opened enrollment December. However after waiting in the queue for about 3.5 hrs they were only able to get them on the wait list(and pretty far down) for LKG and UKG. They seemed to have the same age cutoffs that I previously listed.

    Re: The general admission policy at Vidya Sagar, I was told by one of the main administrators the following: “They give application forms only at the Playgroup level and not for LKG and UKG as the same kids continue from Playgroup into LKG and then onto UKG. Since the children are so small they do not want to make the classes any bigger”

    I’m not sure about the availability at Gaia or other schools at this time.

    Here’s some contact information for Gaia:
    384, 4th Main, 2nd Block,
    RT Nagar, Bangalore 560032


  14. We are planning to relocate to Bangalore in July2008. I am looking for admissions in 11th grade (for my daughter) , my son (4th grade) I am looking for the schools near White field and Indira Nagar area. Could you please list some good schools (it could be international or cbse or icse) in those areas. Thank you

  15. Hi Chitra,
    Thanks for the informative post!. Do you have any information on Venkat International School? I am looking for information on class size and yearly tuiton and reviews from people who have sent their kids there, or know poeple who send their kids there.
    Thanks a lot!,
    – Lakshmi

  16. i wanted a seat for my daughter for class 7, at visyaniketan. can u guide me about the cirricular activities, the fees structure etc
    with regards,

  17. my daughter is 2years ans my dream school for her is vidya sagar. she did well in interview but unfortunately she was not short listed and i have been trying a lot to put her in that school by frequently visiting but probably require a influence to get there ?what do i do?how do i go about it?

  18. Hi Chitra,

    Your blogs are very informative. Thankyou for taking out the time to give out the details. I was wondering if you could give some information on the following:

    1. Vidyasagar should be having some waiting list ? Typically how long ago do you need to get on the waiting list ?
    2. Can you give some idea about yearly fees for Vidyasagar and the middle/high school after that – Vidya niketan.
    3.Do VidyaSagar and VidyaNiketan require donation?
    4. Any information on tution(tution other than school) expenditure ?

    These are too many questions and too specific as well. Hope you can address them.

  19. Hi Chitra,

    I see that you already have tution fees information for vidya niketan and vidya silp. But I am looking for more information on Vidya sagar.


  20. can u let me know who is the founder of vidhy sagar/niketan school and where is he/she stationed at.can i have their contact nos.

  21. chitra,
    we continue to read and enjoy your postings, thank you for writing the posts on schools.
    do you know if vidyaniketan takes in non vidyasagar students into first grade?

  22. can you pls tell me abt the tution fee structure of vidyashilp and if is i t too difficult to get admission in that school.

  23. I would like to know more about Prakriya school near Sarjapur Road,didn’t find anything anywhere on this school.
    Chithra you really clarified my doubts on ICSE and CBSE.Thanks a ton!

  24. Hi Chitra,

    Hope u can help me. My son will be 4 years 3months in 2009. We have started looking for his admission. Can u gie us some information about Bethany high which is in koramangala? Any idea about their fees and donation? I would also like to know about few good schools around rammurthy nagar.
    Eagerly waiting for ur reply……………………

  25. My daughter got admission in vidyasagar this year 2008. There is no donation as such. We paid 28K initially. (includes refundable deposit 15K+first term fee 7K)

  26. This school looks good and I really liked the teaching methedologies and activities. I am looking for some school with all these facilities. But I plan to leave on other side on town so any one have any ideas about National Hill View school in rajarajeshwari nagar?

  27. Would like to know more about Prakriya school. We are planning to shift from South to North Bangalore

  28. Hi PP,

    This is in response to your post on 8th Sep – which class has your daughter joined and when did the admission process start?
    I’m looking to admit my daughter in June 09 and was informed that they havent decided yet on the dates for admission process.
    My daughter turned 3 in Aug 08, so I’m guessing she’ll be eligible only for playgroup.

    Please do share the details of the admission process. Thanks in advance!

  29. hi,
    my daughter was 6 yrs. pls tell me which syllabus is good icse or cbse. which is difficultand which is preferable especially in bangalore. reply soon.

  30. Hi, i have daughter 2.6 yr old, now she is going to Euro kids (play group), wanted to know about Vidya Sagar will i be able get her seat for next year.

  31. Hi,

    Wanted to know if Prakriya School has a branch in North Bangalore

  32. Hey, Just wanted to post my comments and views on Vidyashilp Academy.

    I have both my children studying in the school. My son (in the 10th grade) will be writing his Board exams in a few months. he’s fine..but I’m a nervous wreck!! :))) and my daughter is in the 6th grade.

    Both my children have studied in this school since Grade 1 and I’m very happy with the way they have developed.

    This is school is certainly the most different school I have ever come across. Children are not children here..they are miniature adults! My daughter is vying for the position for Editor in chief for their school newspaper, she’s taken part in several debates, the topics just fly over my head… I ‘ve actually seen parents sitting struck dumb with the vocabulary they use!
    I used to be so reluctant about rehearsing her debate over and over and over again earlier last year.
    Now, I miss it so much! She does her own research for her debates and can speak on the stage..with a full audience.. impromtu…! that too without rehearsing. I was never like this when I was her age!

    My son is getting drilled in school with revisions and practices. hes working very hard towards the examinations..
    Again…he studies on his own.
    One thing Ill say about Vidyashilp….they make the children “indepedent learners” (this is what the princi quoted) really quickly!!

    IN a nutshelll….i’m extremely happy with this school. Only hope it has 11th and 12th grade soon….

  33. hi im wondering which school to put my son in vidya niketan or vidyashilp? can anyone help???

  34. niketan is more traditional based education becos of rote learning. the campus is pretty small.

    vidyashilp has a pretty impressive campus the curriculum there is v. relevant and kids are up to date with everything. my kid was encouraged to read the newspaper from grade 3 onwards. academics is the schools strongest selling point. for me its shilp to niketan. hope this helps.

  35. hi chitra
    want to how much the fees are in vidya shilp and vidya niketan? is there ne guarantee that if my first child is in vidya sagar my second one will get admission automaticallly? pls let me know as it is urgent.

  36. hi,
    could u tell me something about vidyniketan academy in hennur. any idea about the school?

  37. My son is now 1.5 years old. I am interested in admitting him to vidya sagar. When should i get the admission form for him? How difficult is it to get into the school into the school.What are the thinks i should prepare my son for (for the interaction)?

    Thanks in advance

  38. Hi
    I would like to know good schools in north bangalore besides the icse board…vidyashilp, nekatan, aditi. Also what is the fee structure of shilp and aditi.

  39. hey priyanka…

    wat hav u decided for ur son after 10th… since shilp does not hav continuation after 10th grade.

    also wats the total fee u r paying for ur daughter 6th grade and for ur son 10th grade

    thank u

  40. Hi,
    Iam considering Vidyashilp, Aditi and Canadian International for my daughter who will be 4yr 7 months in aug 2009. I wanted opinions about aditi and Canadian as well, as compared to Vidyashilp.
    Iam looking for a international school and also I want my daughter to be admitted to UKG though she will be 3 months short.
    Please advise.

  41. i think vekat international public school is the best school in bangalore

  42. Hi Sharada,

    Can you provide any additional information on why you think venkat international is good? I can’t even find a website of the school.


  43. Hi ganapathy
    i was just going through the posts and agree with sharada..i personally feel venkat international is among the top schools coz of the teaching faculty and the infrastructure..i have recently read in edutimes that the school is also topping among X and XII results too..i am a parent from the past 4 yrs and happy with my child performance..excellent school!!
    address:5th block rajajinagar,bangalore-560010 AND 19/A/1913/2 KB TEMPLE STREET 6TH STREET RAJAJI NAGAR BANGALORE KARNATAKA INDIA

  44. hi gananapthy!
    website of venkat international public school is:

  45. hi,
    i am a resident of boston and want to put my boy in a good near by school in and around sadashivnagar since ill be staying there can any body suggest sm of the good school i want a valu based education and nt a hi fuda school where all sort of decent children cm so that my children dont become that westernised i hv read reviews abt this school venkat international public school, how far is it from sadashivnagar

  46. hi venkat international school is about 4 kms from sadashivnagar.they have a good transport child travels from malleshwarm(very near to sadashivnagar)..the school has a good value based education system.a good school!!!

  47. hi! mahesh and all.
    i was scanning all the above posts.presently am in indranagar and moving to kumarapark..heard a lot about this venkat international school in rajajinagar.happy with the response of this school..planning to join my children once i have shifted..can anybody tel me whether they have ICSE??

  48. venkat international public school is CBSE shool in rajajinagar..they have a ICSE school ie ST ANNS HIGH SCHOOL and VENUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL..
    the campus is excellent.

  49. My son 2yrs8months has been called for interview at vidyasagar.I was more inclined towards CBSE…but both vidya niketan & shilp are ICSE…
    how is DPS North…..I stay in sanjaynagar…..pls help

  50. ChitraChetan: Go for it. The vidyaniketan/ship/sagar is a good institution. Given that you are in sanjaynagar it is quite close to where you live too.

    If I were you, I will take it.

  51. Hi, Can someone help in clarifying my following queries on Vidya Sagar..

    1. When does the school start issuing admission forms?? When do they intimate parents if the child has got the admission?
    2. What is the age for which the school admits children in play group?? My son is 1.6 yrs old now and would like to put him in play group next year.
    3. Also do they have any admission criteria.. like would the child be questioned or interviewed about anything?


  52. ChitraChetan: So far, I have heard Vidyaniketan/Shilp is better school than DPS. I live in Ganganagar and would rank VidyaNiketan seconded by Vidya Shilp.

  53. Hi will some one help me with name of some good schools towards north bangalore ( yelahanka nagar/hebbal) for my children one for nursery other for 3rd standard
    Excluding Vidya Sagar , Vidya Nikethan/Vidya Shilp

  54. Hello Chitra,

    We are moving to South Bangalore (Jaynagar) in a a couple of weeks. Any school recommendations for my daughter who will turn 6 this october.

    Thanks a lot

  55. Kumaran’s should be a good choice.

    If that does not work,then I can think of DPS or PSBB.

    Hope that helps.


  56. Looks like VIPS has quite a few of their folks online filling in positive review – everywhere I go I see a bunch of comments praising the school to death. Makes me wonder about a school that needs to employ folks to praise it on boards etc.

  57. hi friends, i am residing in malleshwaram and looking for a good school in and around that area can anybody suggest, also which school do you prefer among these Venkat International or National Public, Rajajinagar.

  58. Poppy: You are right. I have come across – what seems like forced positive reviews of VIPS showing up in various blogs in the comments section.

    Even the latest comment seems to be from a VIPS cronie and not a real parent looking for suggestions.

    What they don’t seem to realize is that it does not advance the image of the school. It just portrays them as desperate.

  59. hello.can anybody suggest me a good school in or around HSR layout.i am particular about an icse school for my kids.please reply at the earliest.

  60. hi ashu:
    there are many icse schools in and around hsr layout
    1:Chinmaya Vidya Mandira High School
    SVR Public School (ICSE)
    2:Vibgyor High, Airport Whitefield Road, Marathalli, Bangalore
    3:Cambridge Public School(Old One)-HSR Layout 1st Sector

  61. I stay in 1st Phase J.P Nagar and I am looking for admission for 5th Std for my younger daughter.
    My elder daugthter is in 8th Std in PSBB. I would like to know some good schools..
    would also want to know whether it is better to choose ICSE or CBSE

  62. can you pls tell me abt the tution fee structure of vidyashilp?Is i t too difficult to get admission in this school.
    What are the thinks i should prepare my son for interview?

  63. Vidyasagar issuing application forms for Playgroup from tomorrow (5th Nov)

  64. My Son would appear for the Vidyasagar preschool interview next month, need tips and possible things to be ready for the interview. what are they looking for in selection out of the kid and the parents.
    What are the thinks i should prepare my son for interview?

  65. Hi,

    My daughter is 3 year and 4 months, now going to a playschool. I would like to know what are the chances of getting into Vidyasagar now ? Also are they issuing applications now ?


  66. Hi all,

    This is for all those looking for a good school in the areas of Malleshwaram, Rajajinagar, sadhashivnagar…….. I have seen certain negative comments abt VIPS school. Me as a parent of VIPS school is fully satisfied with the school curriculum as well as the development of my child. My child has learnt lot of things to my amusement. they have a wonderful faculty, the school management is always ready to help. There is a lot of curricular activities involved. As far as the fees, its roughly 60k inclusive of the books, uniforms etc, They have an excellent transporation system for commuting. class strength is roughly 45-50 per class. But each class is headed by 2 teachers. each child has been given importance. Though their home-works are more, my child is developing wonderfully well.They teach flowers thru a flower week, fruits thru fruit week. their method of teaching is very innovative. Just look at the last years CBSE Results, VIPS has topped. Results says everything….

  67. Hi everybody,

    We are planning to move to Bangalore in May-June 2010 & currently exploring schools for my son, who will be starting 3rd grade in june. There are so many new schools now. We heard that BGS international school is good. They have huge campus, extra-curricular activities. But the only negative is very expensive (1.15 lakhs per year).

    National Hillview Public school is also good, very academic, but hard to get in.

    Now we are focussing on BGS National Public school ( ) & Jnana Sweekar ( )

    I would greatly appreciate if anybody can shed some light on BGSNPS or Jnana Sweekar.


  68. PP,
    My son is 2 years 6 months. I had been to VidyaSagar for admission during Oct, 09 and they mentioned that I had to come during Jan or Feb and would be in waiting list.
    Is their any kind of recommendation required to get admission to this school??

  69. Hi,

    Can anybody give me any feedback on Jnana Sweekar (mainly abt teachers & their teaching methods). We need to finalize in couple of days.


  70. Hi Prathiba,
    Did you get any feedback about Jnana Sweekar ?


  71. Jnana sweekar is the best school in bangalore south

  72. HI,

    I am looking for a school in North classes are on ground floor up to Vth std., as my son is having muscular distrophy and he has a problem in climbing the stairs.

    If any one can help about this right now he is studying in 2nd std.



  73. Hey does anybody has any reviews on Jnana Sweekar public school, kanakapura road. wanted details about the school curriculum, teachers and their teaching methods. Planning to put my daughter in 2nd standard there.

  74. hi all,
    could anyone give some feedback on ryan international school, yelahanka?
    which school is better? ryan yelahanka or venkat international public school rajajinagar?

  75. hi
    any comments abt roots to wings in kasturi nagar?plz help me how to get seat in vidya sagar ?any help regarding schools in banglore east ?thanks

  76. Hi Prathiba,

    Please share any comments/reviews about Jnana Sweekar Public school, Bangalore.


  77. We are moving to bangalore and am looking for schools for my 8th grader daughter in north bangalore, school that have caught my attention are Vidya Shilp, Vidya Niketan and Aditi Mallya,

    Could anyone please help me in ranking the schools and providing info on each of them….will really appreciate the help..

  78. Hi name is vignesh I used to be in Vidy Sargar, and in Vidya shilp.If your son or daughter is going to begin school you mite go with Vidy Sargar this school is great for your kinds it has a huge play ground and a big sand pit to play in and the class rooms r nice the teachers a nice and in break time there r toys to play with. when i was in Vidy Sargar my fave class is art class me and my friends used to make animals in clay and drew them also in our art books or art papers.there is also a reading place where your children can read there story books and there is also story time where the teacher reads a story for the children. there r 2 timings for this school{one is in the morning and the other is in the evening}.If you want to go to Vidya shilp the addmission starts in summer and it has lunch time and sports activtis but sports time is after all classes there is {swimming, football,hockey,basketball,cricket,batmentan,skating and athletics,chess,yoga,bridge it is a card game something like poker} and there is computers.

  79. i wanted to check how good is maxwell in banaswadi.. i stay in hennur & my kid is hardly 3years & am not sure, whether i shd make him travel 10-12 kms to hebbal at this age..

  80. This is in regards to CBSE schools in Rajaji Nagar / Malleswaram area:

    NPS has its own style of recruting, maintaining students. This fits ONLY to extremely high caliber students. Either in X or XI, if your ward gets less than 90% of marks, the school management will show them out doors and ask you look for other schools. No marcy. Techincally your ward will have the best/high pressure peer groupl. It is up to you decide whether that is good or otherwise. Their syllabus is also extended CBSE (compared to other CBSE schools). Means student has to spend more time on the beefed up portions.

    Regarding NAFL, if you are coming from abroad you and they can manage the admission (to what ever grade you want). They are very accommadative. The key point in NAFL is it is not like other competitive schools in India. They give high importance for extra curricular activities. This may be Okay in early grades. But at higher grades, in India you expect the school academically to be very challenging, This doesn’t appear to be the case here. On the otherway, this may help you/your ward when you conider to go back to US/UK.

    NAFL has a versatile spectrum of students. If you are not academically oriented (or you are looking for a overall development), may be NAFL is for you.

    VIPS, has very good management who run the school. They understand your problems. Very considerative of your needs. They provide very good cushion for you when you come from a US/UK background. (In fact many students from NPS will come and join in VIPS for XI grade onwards). They also have best teachers in few streams.

    The issue with VPIS is their science stream teachers are not really that good. This is a key lacuna for students in higher grades. No explanation of concepts, no preparation, support for competitive exams. Low morale. Recently many of its teachers are looking for opportunities elsewhere. What it means to higher grade students is – no good teaching/teachers.

    No school is really perfect. You have to see what maximum you can get and then supplement with outside resources.

    Hope this helps!!!!

  81. I am considering Vidyaniketan and Vidyashilp for my daughter who goes to 8th grade, but am confused between the two, from what i have read, vidyaniketan follows a traditional way of teaching and vidyashilp is more technology oriented, however the fee structure is also quite different in both the schools….

    please help me…..can’t decide….

  82. try sindhi school,hebbal.its good

  83. Hi Folks
    Pls let me know whehter the admissions are closed in Vidya Sagar.Pls.

    And also, my son is 2 yrs 9 mths now and can i admit him directly to LKG in Vidya Niketan..Will they give admissions>

    And also pls let me know the feedback of CMR NPS School..Its really urgent.Pls help.

  84. Chitra, your blogs have been a real treasure trove of information for all of us, Bangaloreans, Indian expats, alike!
    Having read about ‘ Bangalore schools-Vidya Sagar, Vidya Niketan, Vidya Shilp’ I would like to stress here, that as someone who’s been in the teaching profession for more than 5 years in India and also pursuing the same here, in the UK, in my opinion, schools like ‘Vidya Shilp’ are indeed very progressive in their approach and would arguably compare with some of the best GCSE Schools here in England. They are all more ‘application’ based in their teaching methods and seldom stick to the age-old ‘chalk and talk’ methods of teaching. Technologically speaking, they have moved ahead of many of the so called ‘reputed’ schools which are forced to depend upon the’rote’ method of learning due to their overflowing, crowded classrooms.
    I am indeed glad that schools like Vidyashilp are growing in number in Bangalore and although a shade expensive, they cater to the needs of students and their all round development.
    Anuradha Srinivasan, Birmingham, UK.

  85. Hello Anuradha Mam,

    Thanks for your inputs about Vidya Shilp. I’m just curious to know if you were teaching at Vidya Shilp. If so, between Vidya niketan and Vidya Shilp, which do you think is better as a school, in terms of simple education with a good balance of extra curricular activites as well. Please do throw some light on both the schools if you can. It would help a lot of parents.

    Thanks in advance,

  86. Hi Veena!
    I would be very glad to enlighten you with whatever much I know about both these schools, Vidyaniketan and Vidyashilp.
    At the outset, I would like to tell you that although I haven’t worked at Vidyasagar or Vidyashilp, I do follow a lot of writing on Indian schools and the schools here, in the UK. Also, since I have worked for over 5 years in some of the best Indian schools( affiliated to the the CBSE, SSLC boards) and have tutored students from schools affiliated to the ICSE boards, I do comment on various articles pertaining to the Indian Education System and various schools and curriculum.
    I did contact a few people who are closely associated with different schools in India, and also, went through the website for Vidyasagar and Vidyashilp in good detail. Here is my honeest opinion about both these schools.
    Vidya shilp is an innovative school that focusses more on the all round development of the child rather than only academic progress. Apart from leading upto the requirements of the ICSE board, it also offers the IGCSE, UK exam at the end of year 10 (the university of Cambridge International Examinations.). This option is available after year7 and the course is offerred over classes 8,9 and 10. This school encourages children and guides them to National Competitions and International Projects too. The school makes use of the latest technology in it’s teaching methods.The school curriculum includes a wide range of Extra-Curricular activities. There is no doubt that the school is striving to bring in the best of healthy, all-round development and social skills in children, preparing them to meet the demands of today’s changing world scenario.
    The school would cater very well to the needs of parents and children who believe ina holistic approach to education rather than those who believe in specific target oriented education (like- those who believe in only academic excellence and consider all else secondary).
    ‘Vidyaniketan’ is another branch under the same banner that also fulfills the needs of academic and personality development but prioritises Academic excellence and is affiliated only to the ICSE board. The school has been doing extremely well academically . The children here are also encouraged to participate in community service and ‘social awareness’ is inculcated as part of the curriculum. That’s a brilliant effort in the right direction to bring in the required social skills at the right age! Many of the UK schools follow this as it helps in personality-building and the growth of self-esteem. Since project-work and field-trips are a part of the teaching in both these schools, minimising the dependency on text books, children do learn with enthusiasm and learning is no more a burden to them.
    The final word would be, that both these schools are providing some of the best methods of teaching and infrastructure, along with some other schools in Bangalore. With the constructive and moral support from parents, children would certailnly excel in their chosen fields and grow to be socially mature and responsible citizens without social prejudices .
    I hope you find this reply useful. and look forward to your feed back,
    All the best,
    Anuradha Srinivasan, Birmingham, UK.

  87. hi,
    My daughter is studying in Jnanasweekar, we are very happy with her performance,they have unique teaching methodology and are following Dr.Maria Montessori system of education, which is the best method of learning for children.I really feel it is the best school in south bangalore.

  88. Hi..

    We have put up in Basaveshwanagar, I am planning to put my son in Vani school for LKG next year.
    Are there any daycare nearby or anybody sending their kids to daycare after school

    please help me i am bit very much worried as i am a working mom.
    please share.

  89. Hi Guys…
    Wanted to know the fee structure of Vidyaniketan and Vidyashilp. want to make a decision…

  90. Hi Ramya,

    I am looking at getting my child admitted to Jnana Sweekar school. Can you please email me more feedback on this school? You can email me at email2rash at
    Thank you.

  91. Hello Anuradha Mam,

    i’m sorry for the delay in replying to your mail. thanks so much for all the valuable information. My son is now in Vidyasagar and will be joining Vidyashilp in a few years time. As you said, hope these schools provide the right balance of education and extra curriculars with right values. Can you please send me your email id if it’s ok so that we can correspond more.
    Thank you again for the inputs.


  92. Hello Folks

    Thanks for all your great & knowledgable inputs on varous schools. i have some confusion in selecting schools near Hebbal region of bangalore and i guess someone out here could please help me on this.

    I am looking for admitting my daughter who will complete 4 years by march 2011 into vidya sagar for their Prep 1 Class (LKG) – Is this practically possible? would they have enough seats available , some one please advice. After Vidya sagar i am keenly looking at vidayaniketan school for various good reviews out here.

    My only problem i see here is getting a seat at Vidyasagar, i see on Vidyaniketan website per class room they accomodate 36 students with Three sections which makes to 108 students per standard. between the total put togeather from each std of vidya sagar and vidyashilip should match the total to vidya sagar each year per class strength , but i head they issue 500 application forms and take around 250 students which means to say 250-108 = 142 ( this should be vidya shilips intake per year approx my guess).

    Also i would like to know if its guarenteed at vidya sagar that they provie seat at vidyaniketan or vidyashilip?

    Whats the fee structure of Vidyashilip?

    And at last is my kid pressurized at vidya sagar?

  93. Hi Veena,
    Just got to read your reply today. I had been quite busy with my teaching here, so, do excuse me for my delay in writing back.
    I’m glad that you have made a good decision. Vidyashilp would also be a sensible choice if you plan to go overseas or if the child would grow up to do his/her higher studies abroad, since it also offers the IGCSE exam at the end of year10. Notwithstanding the International standards of education that Vidyashilp offers, I would also be game with Vidyaniketan for people who choose to go with the ICSE Board of Education.
    You are welcome to communicate with me about Education or School Curriculum. I shall be happy to share my views. I can send you my email id as soon as you give me your email address.
    Hope to hear from you.

  94. Hi Veena!
    I did consider your request again for continued correspondence. I would be glad to share my experiences in the field of education. I would be more than happy if this would help you along.
    It would be ideal if we could meet on Facebook since I have an account too and then we could correspond through regular mails.
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Anuradha Srinivasan.

  95. Hi All

    My son is 3 yrs and one month now. I want to put him in Vidyaniketan. Since Vidyasagar is the feeder school, i contacted them for the procedure, they told the applications for LKG is given only in Jan 2011. Can you let me know what is the process for LKG admission in Vidyasagar and whether the seat is assured in Vidyaniketan, when the kid goes from Vidyasagar.

    pls let me know.


  96. I am looking at getting my child admitted Montessori/PreNursery. We are staying in Vijayanagar. Needs to know whether ICSE or CBSE is good. . Please let me know Best schools near to Vijayanagar.

  97. My son completes 2.7 yrs this month and he is already going to PJK playschool. I am considering Vidyasagar for his next year’s enrollment. However I am worried since I came to know the timings at Vidyasagar are from 8:30 a.m to 3:30 p.m. I find that a little too taxing on the toddlers.

    Could anyone here care to clarify about the long school schedule and if they double up as a day care too?

  98. My son is now 2.5 years old and I want to put him in to a pre primary school . I was looking through the schools in Hebbal area . The thing I am particular about is about the syllabus. I want CBSE . Looking through the schools at last I came to KENSRI school. How is this school. Can anyone throw some light on it. I had gone there but the school looked a little shabby as there were constructions going on.

    Wanted to know how is the academics and also the co curricular activities there. I want to put my son in to a school which has equal importance to both.

    Please suggest any other good CBSE schools in and around Kalyan Nagar , Kamanahalli , Hebbal

    I have gone through CMR NPS , Royal Concorde and Devmatha. CMR has exorbitant fees which is not justified, Didnt like the Royal concorde campus and devmatha. Please suggest others too.

  99. Hi Veena,

    Could you please provide me more info on interview procedure at Vidyasagar ? and what is the criteria to short list. We whave submitted the admission forms for the academic year 2011.

    Thanks in advance.


  100. Hi Reshmi!
    I too am looking at Jnana Sweekar for my kid. Have you finalised it? pls give me your feedback about the school – teaching structure, language used, disclipline, how long will be the commute time etc? pls give me your findings. it will be of great help to me to decide.

  101. Hi ,
    Anyone got interview call for playgroup from VidyaSagar for the academic year 2011-12 ?

  102. Hi All,
    Great to see to so many disscussion on schools!
    I have a question too, Can anybody tell me more about the waiting list concept in vidyasagar please ?
    I somehow missed to collect the forms and was asked to come in Janury 2011 to get enrolled in waiting list.
    Is anybody aware after that when will be teh results announced ? and by when can we get to know if the seat is confirmed or not ?
    I am trying for Playschool for 2011.
    Please guide me,


  103. Hi Pushpa, Like you we too were following up for waitinglist – had visited the school almost 12 times since Oct Nov and Dec…we were told by the receiptiost to come in Jan. But my husband as usual hapened yp visit today and he gets to hear that the names for waiting list is already done couple of wk’s back. CAn u imagine what kind of people these are and the same lady whom my husband met almoste everytime denied of her even recognising him and denied Jan was never confirmed by her/anyone from their school. God save

  104. Hi Swetha Iyer,
    I also had the same confision but actually there are 2 shifts:

    Pg and nursery from 8:30-11:30
    P-1 and P-2 from 12-3:30pm

  105. There are many good schools in Bangalore and new ones emerging everyday, so it is impossible for everyone to know which one are good. But i find correct information about schools in Bangalore which gives contact information, map-based location of the school and much more

  106. Bangalore is a very nice city. Travelling in the city is also really easy. You can travel in bangalore using bus (BMTC bus service). Finding the bus routes is really easy using:
    Bangalore bus search

  107. Bangalore is a very nice city. Travelling in the city is also really easy. You can travel in bangalore using bus (BMTC bus service). Finding the bus routes is really easy using:
    Bangalore bus search

  108. Ya your link was really useful to me !! thanks
    Bangalore bus search

  109. hi to all,
    currently I live abroad but planning to move to Bangalore 2012. could anyoneone provide information about current fee structure at Vidyaniketan and Vidyashilp and also heard they only take kids from its feeder school vidyasagar.
    Iam planning to apply for these schools this coming June.
    please help me.
    Thank you

  110. Hi Chaitra,
    We are relocating to Bangalore from New York during the first week of july. I tried calling Vidyaniketan school at the phone number mentioned by their school web site. Unfortunately someone picked up the phone and said it’s the wrong number. I tried the next number …but it kept ringing as no one picked up my call. I wrote an email to their email id…it bounced back. I don’t know what’s going on. If anyone had similar experience, please tell me if you successfully contact them.
    Thank you.

  111. Hi Veena,
    Iam also trying for that school for my son but not this year but for 2012.Try calling them now as school has started .Do you have any idea of admission process of that school? Someone told me that they do enterance test…hope you succeed this time

  112. Hi Chitra,
    I’m looking for a good school for my 6 year old daughter into 1st grade and for my 8 year old son into 3rd grade for the academic year 2011-12 in and around HSR layout Bangalore.

    We are planning to come by end of July.

    And also, I would like you to give me your opinion about coming late almost 2 months after the schools are opened and kids being able to cope up with the studies.
    And also my son has to face 2nd language and probably 3rd language too with out any prior exposure.
    What do you suggest coming this year 2 months late VS. Coming next year at right time. Keeping in mind my son will be entering 4th grade and daughter 2nd grade next year, so they have to catch up with 1 more year additional burden as far as languages are concerned.

    Following are the features that I’m looking out for…in the school for my kids, as my short term priority is – “my kids liking India or to give them a positive feeling about moving to India.”/ smooth transition as they obviously compare being in US to being in India.
    And my long term priority is strong academics which can help them to be tough enough to be able to compete with all sorts of kids even including the kids born and brought up there from the start and academically oriented only.

    1) In or close by to HSR layout (as my cousin is staying in that area at 23rd cross, 12th main sector 7 , HSR layout)

    2) International school (Not for the name sake only) or even any other good school as long as it meets all other criteria.

    3) English speaking kids and having some NRI kids is a strong plus point, which I think makes the transition for my kids from USA to India smooth and easy as far as the communication with other kids is concerned which in turn makes it easier to make friends as my kids can’t understand other than English or Telugu.

    4) Small class room size up to 25/30.

    5) Decent facilities (Play ground, amenities for sports and games, including toilets)

    6) Reliable and safe transportation facility.

    7) Cafeteria for Lunch

    8) Safe environment.

    9) Courteous and understanding staff (willing to help my kids to catch up with the 2nd and 3rd languages, being flexible with them keeping in mind that they are in US from the time they are born and systems are different and on top of all these they are coming 2 months after school started and guiding them slowly and gently towards Indian system)

    10) Looking for Hindi/Sanskrit/Spanish/French as 2nd and 3rd language options.

    11) Extra curricular activities like Art, Tennis, Swimming, Yoga, Table tennis, Chess, Caroms, Classical Music, Dance etc…

    12) As far as academics are concerned, I don’t mind even it is heavy/strong as both kids are very bright as they get A+ and in addition to that, they both are in gifted programs here, and my son can do math almost 2 grades advanced than his and he got 2nd place in NSF Math bee in regionals.

    13) Either CBSE/ ICSE OK.

    14) How much it costs per anum including everything.

    15) If the school started in end of June rather than early June or if school starts in August, that is plus point as my kids need to catch up with less portions.

    16) On top of all these admission possibility at this time.

    I need feedback on the following 6 schools in view of above mentioned criteria ASAP.

    1) Cambridge
    2) Lawrence
    3) Gnan Srishti

    4) Treamis world school
    5) GEAR international
    6) Brigade Millennium

    following are a little farther but please provide the feedback on these too may be even a little later…

    7) TISB
    8) Ebenezer
    9) Inventure Academy
    10 )Venkat
    11) Ryan
    12) NAFL

    After looking at all these, suggest me if I’m missing anything that is important to consider or considering that is not that important.
    Your help is greatly appreciated….
    Thanks in advance

  113. Can someone please help me find a good ICSE school in and around Hebbal area? I am looking for my son for 5th grade and daughter for 2nd grade.

    I contact VidyaNiketan and Vidya Shilp, I am not sure I will get admissions becuaseof the waitlist.
    Any other good ICSE schools in that area?

    I am looking for good student to teacher ratio
    Extra curricular activities
    Not too expensive fee structure

    Can anybody suggest good schools in Hebbal?

    Thankyou very much

  114. Hi,
    I am seeking a basic info.

    Will I be able to get an application form for Bethany Pre School which is in Koramangala at this time of the year? Could some body guide me on the procedure involved?

  115. I tried the number given in VidyaNiketan website…but both doesn’t exist. Could somebody provide the correct number.
    Do you know when they start giving admission forms for LKG 2012?

  116. Applications for Vidaysagar playgroup (2012-2013) will be issued from Nov 5th- 12th 2011. (9:30am to 12 noon). Nov 7th Holiday.

  117. Hi,

    Can anybody tell me is it really worth trying for a seat in VidyaShilp Academy for my son who will be going to 2nd standard.

  118. Hi,Can anybody guide through the interview procedure in vidya sagar for play group.What do they actually look for in the kid and the parent? do they give importance to highly educated and rich parents apart from child’s activeness?My daughter will be 2yrs 6 months as on 31st may2012.

  119. Also please give your views , opinions,suggestions on Vidya shilp and Vidya Nikethan. I am confused which one to choose if asked during admissions .I mean if she gets thru..

  120. Please reply ASAP… Trying hard to get her in.

  121. What documents should be submitted during admission in Vidya sagar?Do they ask for parents certificates?

  122. While filling application, you should confirm whether your preference is Vidyanikethan or Vidyashilp. You cannot it change it once you get admission. Vidyashilp preference kids will get admission easily. During interview, they won’t ask any questions, they will ask kids to play & check their eye & hand coordination.

  123. Thank you so much Tom for the info.. Appreciate it! One more question is not answered.. can you throw some light on it.” What documents should be submitted during admission in Vidya sagar?Do they ask for parents certificates? “

  124. Dear Deepa

    I hope you are aware that the application forms for the year 2012-2013 are being issued at Vidya Sagar


  125. Submitted application form for play group for my daughter yesterday. Anyone out there who has also submitted and gets a call for interaction,please post and also share your interview experiences..

  126. No, they don’t ask parents certificate. Just Birth certificate & admission fee is enough.

  127. I have been trying to get information on admissions for nursery in Vidyasagar but looks like they don’t have a website. Spoke to them over the phone and got to know that my daughter can apply for nursery in Jan but usually the seats are full as the Playgroup kids would be filling in the nursery slots. She was reluctant to entertain any more questions. I wouldn’t mind sending her for playschool for this year . Any idea if they admit kids around this time for this year. I can’t send my daughter to play school next year as she would be 3. 2 in next June. Help!

  128. Hi Tom :)

    Got to know that the admissions for nursery group in Vidya Sagar would be starting in Jan . I am not really sure of the number of seats available for students who aren’t part of their playgroup. What are the chances of getting an admission there for nursery? I do know that admissions in schools like D.P.S for nursery have started . It would be of great help if you could throw some light on the admission process for nursery in VidyA sagar. In a dilemma ! whether to apply for nursery in other schools or to wait till January and try our luck. If they have enough slots, don’t mind waiting.

  129. Hi Aparna,
    You can register your child’s name with the school for Nursery/KG admission waiting list (they will not give application form now). If there are any vacancies (generally if anyone discontinue after say playgroup due to some reason), they will call people in the waiting list and give application and interaction date. I had done the same last year and luckily got the seat, I had selected Vidyashilp.
    However you can’t depend only on this, you will have to try other schools which start with Nursery

  130. Vidyasagar is turning out to be a harassment centre for not-so-bright children. They dont provide one-to-one attention in higher classes, so they usually filter pupils out. They kind of push parents to meet psychiatrists if their child is too playful! What a reason to meet a psychiatrist! Impatient teachers i guess!

  131. hi,
    this has been a very helpful site. Can you please let me know the best
    case schools

  132. Hi,

    We are returning to India in Aug 2012.

    Can anyone let me know the confirmed age cut-off for Vidyasagar admissions? I read in one of the old comments that it is 3 years and 10 months for LKG, meaning my daughter who is Feb 2010 born will be eligible for playgroup in academic year 2013- 2014? She will be 3 years and 4 months old in June 2013.

    I read elsewhere that the age cut off is between 2 to 3 years for Playgroup, which would mean my daughter doesn’t stand much of a chance to get into this school since admissions at the LKG level are apparently nil. Can someone help me out? Thanks!

  133. Hi,
    We are returning to India in July, can anyone tell my what is the procedure of admission in Vidyaship and Vidya niketan school. Do they take any admission now. Any about donations?

  134. hI,
    Can anyone suggest schools near Manyata park or north bangalore.

  135. Hi,

    I am searching for good school in HSR Layout for my 4 yrs old son. Any information about Chimaya Mission High school (SVR Public school).

    Waiting for your suggestions…


  136. Hi,
    Can any one give opinion about sharada vidya niketan schoot at Kadugodi, near to white field railway station

  137. Please let me know how long does Vidyasagar takes to get back after the playschool interview.

  138. Dear Chitra,
    your blog is simply fantastic and many thanks for it.
    We are currently based in Dubai and are relocating immediately to Bangalore. My son, Anoush, has just passed the Grade 9 examination. He is 14 years old and has done his schooling so far with the ICSE syllabus. He requires admission at an ICSE school to Grade 10. His second language is French. Pls let me know which school you recommend preferably in north Bangalore or south Bangalore areas.
    Additionally, pls advise whether he can do the CBSE syllabus in Grade 10 and whether there is a good CBSE school that can admit him straight to Grade 10 even though he has done the ICSE syllabus so far.
    Warm Regards,

  139. I am trying for nursery admission to my son in Vidyasagar but they take students only from pre-nursery. Is there any way that I can get my son into this school?

  140. Hi Rv
    What type of question will they ask for nursery section in Vidyasagar ?

  141. Hi,
    Can anyone tell me if vidyasagar has ab afterschool facility. If not I was planning to hire a van to dtop him at a nearest ykrok dar care. Does any of your kids go to day cares after school?

  142. I will be relocating to Bangalore 2015 April. My daughter is studying in CBSE X now. I would like to know some good schools for XI Commerce or Arts preferebly CBSE/ISC. Could you please guide me.

  143. hi,
    pls suggest good site that enlist all schools over map and all details along with reviews. am lookg for preschool.. my son turns 2.5yr in may’15.


  144. Veena,
    I hope your kid started going to Vidyashilp by now? How is your experience there? Could you please share vidyasagar interview experience?

  145. I got application form from Vidya Sagar today for play group for my daughter. My application number is 401. Can somebody suggest if there is a chance of getting an interview call ?

  146. My application num is 387 and submission date is 16th..hoping to get admissions..which school u hv decided to opt? Nikeyan or shilp??

  147. I submitted application today (17th). I opted for shilp. what about you ?

  148. Can you please tell me some good schools near Jalahalli cross area CBSE/ICSC. I want to get admission for my daughter to 1st Std.

  149. Hi chitra,
    I am looking for 1st standard admission for my daughter.As we are living in ramurthy nagar,request you to suggest some good schools around which focuses on extra circular activities along with studies.

  150. For schools in bangalore there are many other good options in north bangalore. Presidency school is one. My son goes to the school and it i quite good

  151. HI My daughter is 1.8 years is it the right age to put her in a pre school. Can you suggest any good pre school in Kalyan nagar, Chelekere? There seems to be no control on the fees been charged by these school. Can you suggest any good pre school?

  152. Hello Parents ,

    Next June ( 2016 ) my daughter will go to 2nd grade .What is the procedure to apply in vidya Niketan ? And what is the selection procedure ? On which criteria they select kids ?

    Thanks in advance ,

  153. Im looking for vidya sagar as my son going to be 3yrs in june2016 pls want to fee structure im from middel class heard they r very costly even want to know abt niketan is different school ,fees structure needed,
    Can recommend me other school i stay in bhoopsandra…school with spacious place

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