R2I – Our boxes are here!

And it feels so surreal. All the meticulous packing in our Calif garage, then sending the boxes away in a truck and now seeing them here in our Bangalore home, feels strange. It took exactly 2 months for these boxes to travel the seas and get here.

We used WorldWide Ocean and Air Shipping Lines Inc. for shipping. We are really very happy with their service. They picked up the boxes from our Calif home and delivered it at home here. They also delivered it in the promised time frame. They kept the paper work easy and simple. After the boxes arrived here, my hubby had to go to the customs to get the boxes cleared, and pay some duty. Once the boxes were out of the customs, the shipping company did the rest of the delivery. It cost us about $1 per pound (lb), though that is not how they charged for the shipping.

Seeing our stuff from there made me miss our Calif home. We loved our home, the community, our wonderful neighbors, the beautiful mountains, park etc. When I missed everything, I was just glad that we still had our home there. We may never really go back for good, but when I do miss our home, I don’t have to feel real terrible. :)

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  1. It is the same anon as above… Can anyone give me some shipping info and also tell me what is the thing which you felt is worth taking and what is not ? I am trying to pack and going crazy here

  2. Hi chitra,
    It is wonderful to read your blog. We are planning to move back to bangalore in a month or so. I am curious to know what is in those boxes. We are wondering what to take, what to leave behind. So please tell me what is in those boxes, atleast give me an idea so I will know what is more useful and what is not. thanks

  3. Anon, welcome to my blog. I can understand how you must be doing. What you asked is a very good question for this blog. I am working on a list. Give me a few more hours

  4. Hi Chitra,
    I was really relieved to read your blog and I am looking forward to reading your list. You have no idea how helpful it will be to our family.
    Same anon as above

  5. Chits we are planning on shipping some stuff too when we come back. Cant stop buying u c :-(

    Will probably chat with you on an approximate cost on shipping/ duty etc..sometime

  6. I am not a R2I but building a house in India and would like to send some stuff, would apperciate if you can give an idea about pricing. I dont have a container full but few boxes to ship. TIA

  7. I should say 5 stars to Worldwide Ocean and Air shipping lines. they did an excellent job for us too.

  8. Hi,We are also planning on shipping some stuff,though not sure if they r really worth it:).How much did it cost for u guys?Your advice will be of great help.Thks in advance.

  9. Hi chitra,

    Thanks for the post , I have a question regarding the type of boxes you used for packing did you buy new double wall boxes or used single wall boxes ?
    It looks like double wall boxes (recommended by same shipping company) are costly hence the question .

  10. Suhas: Go with double.


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